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For the last part of Miles’ Birthday (parts 1 & 2) I wanted to post some of our favorite pictures of our little man (in no particular order).

One thing we always remember about Miles is that he was and is such a happy little boy! This picture just shows him at his best, a big ol’ smile.

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Miles & Daddy 2005

[this is my absolute favorite picture of me and Miles, taken by Jen in Oceanside]

Miles turned 6 yesterday (read part 1 here and his birthday schedule here). I remember when I used to think that in the year 2000, I’d be 25! Well 2000 has come and gone, now eight, almost nine years later, life has been quite a journey. Jen and I are the proud parents of a six year old and a two year old – amazing how life happens.

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Last night we celebrated Miles’ 6 year old birthday Star Wars style. He had a total blast. Now I’m just sitting back thiking on how blessed we are, and him too…

We spent the early morning at Starbucks, where we treated Miles to a kids hot chocolate (Macy got a chocolate milk). We got to spend about a half hour sitting outside enjoying the morning as a family. I wonder how many more of these we’ll get to enjoy.

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