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So, it’s kind of funny that Miles got an award for being responsible at his school – but that should be expected – He is a very responsible little boy and we are SO proud of him! Way to go Miles, we love you so much buddy!

Well it’s about time! He’s had a loose tooth for over a month and tonight, with a little help from Dad, Miles lost his very first tooth! We’re all so excited – it’s one of those milestones. Here’s a little video to commemorate the event!

Miles First Tooth! from alex mclean on Vimeo.

So, Jen just got done gluing some glitter to a couple dollar bills (man, inflation is good!), and I just got done replacing the tooth with the bills – can’t wait to see him in the morning!


Miles & Macy ready to ride

On New Year’s Day we hung out at Jen’s parents house & the kids decided to get some quad riding in. Miles got a 50 last year for Christmas (he was 5), and rode it until he did a spectacular wipe out. After that he wasn’t too sure about it, until a couple days ago when all of the sudden his interest was re-sparked. So he got on his 50 and Macy got on her (his old) batter powered quad for some good old socal fun. Here’s a little video of some awesome riding.

Quads 2009 from alex mclean on Vimeo.


I look at my son and am just amazed at what God has blessed us with… every day. The joy and responsibility of being a dad is something I wouldn’t trade for anything – and how loving is my heavenly father that he would offer me this experience! Anyway, two weeks ago Friday, Miles tested for his Yellow Belt. Here’s a little video of him doing his White Belt form (Miles is on the right):

Miles White Belt Form from alex mclean on Vimeo.

And last Friday, he receieved his Yellow Belt! Jen and I were there with his sitster Macy along with his Mamo Barbara and Papa Bob. We’re so dang proud of him! Here’s a little video of him receiveing it (bummer, we left our decent camera at home, so this is TreoVideo):

Yellow Belt from alex mclean on Vimeo.