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Last night, (Friday, April 10), Miles became a certified Green Belt! He tested last week, and tonight got to experience the reward of all his hard work. We’re not like freakishly into Taekwondo, but we love how it’s challenging Miles to think, remember all the moves, respect authority, and just get out into his community.
So if you’re following his Taekwondo career, he’s moved through two belts (white & yellow), and now has his Green – and he is STOKED! If you’ve never seen him do his forms & steps, it’s pretty remarkable! Here’s a little video of him doing his latest form (and you can see how nervous he is, but he eventually got it).

Miles Green Belt from alex mclean on Vimeo.

And here’s the photo’s from both the testing and the ceremony.


2 weeks ago, we went to our first Saturday night service at Rancho Community – which was really cool because it gave us Sunday off to do whatever. Jen actually had to to go to Catalina with her mom – long story (I know could you imagine having to go to Catalina? Our dentist lives there…). I had the kiddos all to myself so we decided to head down to the beach, more specifically, Encinitas, San Elijo, & Cardif by the Sea – our favorite area in SoCal.

So we headed down and went to Best-a-wan Pizza for some lunch, which was amazing as usual. Then we went over to San Elijo and walked down to the beach for a little while. It was FREEZING, but that was ok – we just loved walking on the beach, the sand in our toes, looking at shells, climbing on rocks and just being together.

Every once in a while, I just have to go to the ocean – going on our Road Trip reminded me of one thing: I LOVE living in California. Yeah it’s got it’s issues, but there’s nowhere like it in the world! Something about the sea just relaxes me and reminds me of God – his awesomeness, my smallness, and just that life is bigger than our little issues.

Here’s some of the pics from the day:

Friday night, Miles tested for his Green Belt. He rocked it – there’s so much he has to remember, it’s funny watching him concentrate so hard. He did such a great job & we’re so proud of him! We’ll find out next week if he passed the testing.

Last week I got the chance to hang out with my son, Miles, all day long at LegoLand! It was a field trip for his school, Santa Rosa Academy. We had a total blast – he pretty much led the way around the park all day, running from one ride to another, building Bionicle guys, playing with his friends – it was awesome. He’s growing up so fast – I’m grateful opportunities like this to just be together. Check out some of the pics below – I know a lot of you already saw them when I Twitpic’d them throughout the day. If you’re not already following me on Twitter, just go here.