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2 weeks ago, we went to our first Saturday night service at Rancho Community – which was really cool because it gave us Sunday off to do whatever. Jen actually had to to go to Catalina with her mom – long story (I know could you imagine having to go to Catalina? Our dentist lives there…). I had the kiddos all to myself so we decided to head down to the beach, more specifically, Encinitas, San Elijo, & Cardif by the Sea – our favorite area in SoCal.

So we headed down and went to Best-a-wan Pizza for some lunch, which was amazing as usual. Then we went over to San Elijo and walked down to the beach for a little while. It was FREEZING, but that was ok – we just loved walking on the beach, the sand in our toes, looking at shells, climbing on rocks and just being together.

Every once in a while, I just have to go to the ocean – going on our Road Trip reminded me of one thing: I LOVE living in California. Yeah it’s got it’s issues, but there’s nowhere like it in the world! Something about the sea just relaxes me and reminds me of God – his awesomeness, my smallness, and just that life is bigger than our little issues.

Here’s some of the pics from the day:

We looked long and hard for an affordable Christian preschool that was close enough to us that it made sense to drive to every week for our daughter Macy (this was back when gas was like $5 a gallon!). We ended up at Adventure Island – a preschool that shares a facility with Venture Church, where a good friend of mine is on staff.

We weren’t real sure on what to expect; Miles went to Rancho’s Sonshine Preschool for 3 years and we all loved it! So we had high expectations. All we can say is that we’ve been SO happy to have Macy there. First off, they allowed her to enter a class that she was just a little too young for – but we really felt she was ready for it. Needless to say, she excelled and absolutely LOVED her class & especially her teacher, Mrs. McCarthy (or “Mish Macarphy” as Macy says).

Anyway, since I am now working at Rancho, Macy will be transferring there in a couple weeks, and today was her last day. They made her a little poster, and her teacher sent home a little packet of projects that Macy has completed. Her teacher loved Macy so much and Macy loved her so much and all her little friends.

I guess I just wanted to give Adventure Island and her teacher some props. And just kind of remember Macy’s first preschool experience.

We love our little girl so much!

Today we took Macy to get her stitches removed. It was a pretty straightforward procedure. No tears, just a healthy scar across her eyebrow. Here’s some pics:




That smile...


There's 5 little stitches somewhere on the plastic


The lolipop always makes it better

So, she’ll have a great story to tell – hopefully she’s gotten her injuries out of the way for a while…


Miles & Macy ready to ride

On New Year’s Day we hung out at Jen’s parents house & the kids decided to get some quad riding in. Miles got a 50 last year for Christmas (he was 5), and rode it until he did a spectacular wipe out. After that he wasn’t too sure about it, until a couple days ago when all of the sudden his interest was re-sparked. So he got on his 50 and Macy got on her (his old) batter powered quad for some good old socal fun. Here’s a little video of some awesome riding.

Quads 2009 from alex mclean on Vimeo.

Sunday post-church is always an interesting time for me. On one hand I really want to enjoy the afternoon, hang out with friends & family, maybe even go out to lunch with a new family or something – rarely does any of that happen because I am usually wiped out or feeding kids & putting them down for naps.

This Sunday I actually had a plan for post-church. Miles & Macy were at their grandma’s and I was going to go home and try and clean up our house for Jen (it was a mess from Christmas & Christmas dinner, and the ensuing days of laziness).

So I am leaving church, actually about 2 minutes away when I get a phone call. (Actually I was on the phone with Peter)… it went something like this:

Me: Hello?

Grandma: Where are you?

Me: Driving home from church…

Grandma: Well, Macy just fell, and we think she’s gonna need stitches, what should I do?

(at this point I can barely make out spoken word over the screaming of multiple people, including my two kids in the background)

Me: Well, I guess you should bring her to A+ Urgent Care right here, I’m about 2 minutes away. I’ll u-turn and go make sure they do stitches…

Grandma: OK, we’ll call when we’re on the way.

Me: Alright, is she OK?

Grandma: Yeah, I think Miles is crying worse than her, he’s saying, “It’s all my fault, it’s all my fault”…

Me: OK, well I’m on my way – see you there, and oh yeah… don’t tell Jen!

(she was at work)

Thus began our afternoon emergency adventure. Here’s a blow by blow (pun intended).

The first picture taken immediately after it happened (cleaned up of course).

Macy asleep when she arrived at A+.

Me comforting my little angel before ‘surgery’

No comment…


The stitching…

And the finished product! She was such a brave girl!

Thanks for the prayers & kind words for everyone who was following along with Twitter. Thanks too to the great people at our local A+ Urgent Care (on Winchester & Technology). In case you want to see more pics of her ordeal, there’s a few more here. She’s great +5 stitches, mom’s great (we waited till she was home from work to tell, er, uh, show her), and dad didn’t pass out, so I think all in all we’re good! In fact, as soon as we got back to Grandmas, Macy decided to jump on her quad…

That’s our girl!