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Let’s see if this works. If you’re watching LOST tonight on the West Coast, let’s chat it up!

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We just watched the latest LOST. Just so everyone knows, we don’t have TV – we watch everything online (LOST on in HD streaming), thus the late posts…

All I want to say about this weeks LOST is: JIN IS ALIVE!

How do you like THEM apples?

milesWell, I’m not committing to blogging every episode like I’ve done in previous seasons – way too much work. But we’re back on the wagon for watching at least. This episode was quite a mind trip. Here’s a quote from Jen:

I hate this show, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!

I know, a little harsh – but I get it. It’s like a love/hate relationship. You love it because it keeps you wondering, thinking, guessing – and you hate it for the same reason.

So tonight we watched it on – which by the way streams an HD signal – which looks amazing! What stinks is that you have to click after every ad to get it started again (unlike Still better than paying for cable or satellite. Anyway here’s some thoughts for what they’re worth:

  • Widmore was on the island, better yet he was an ‘other’ – wow.
  • Was that girl actually Daniel’s mom? Eloise Hawking?
  • And Daniel’s mom was the woman who sold Desmond his wedding ring and told him all about his future..?
  • The bomb. OK, so 50 years in the future it hasn’t gone off. AND the island moves through time. BUT the first time we see the island move – it actually disappears… SO did it blow up at some point?
  • Lock tells Richard to come visit him. Richard visits Lock (we already know this) because Lock told him to (we didn’t know that). Lock told Richard to visit him because Richard told Lock to tell himself that…
  • All I wanted was for Desmond to find Penny for so long – now he’s screwing that all up!
  • Polar bear on the painting in Widmore’s office.
  • Best quote of the night? (something to the effect of) “I’m fine too” – Miles

Those are the things that left an impression on us. What about you?