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I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, but the Bible talks a lot about honoring one another (Romans 12:10). I think we often overlook these verses, for various reasons. We desire honor above others, we’re afraid of others getting credit, we’re selfish, whatever. I’m out of town all week so I thought I’d do my best to honor, make a big deal out of, push you in the direction of someone who I have only met once, but consider a great friend & human being. His name is Carlos Whittaker and he’s somewhat of a Jesus loving blog freak enigma. So come back every day this week and learn more about this guy, his ministry, his blog, and his life.


This is part 1 so I think I’ll reach back as far as I can remember (I know it hasn’t been that long but…). I began blogging about a year and a half ago, maybe two years, I don’t know right now. There were a couple interesting turns of events that got me wrapped up in learning about the re:create conference (which I still haven’t attended dangit!), through that I found out that Bobby was blogging, and through Bobby I “met” Carlos.

I found out that he was the worship leader at Sandals, just up the freeway from me. I also found out what a worship confessional was. I immediately got on the bandwagon, and quickly contacted Carlos to see if we could get together and chat. Lo and behold, he answered my email and we started trying to converge our schedules (it never happened, but not for lack of trying). I did take some of our band and tech team up to Sandals for an evening service and caught Carlos teaching. I stuck around afterwards & waited for all the whooplah to end – went up to him, introduced myself, and just talked with him for a few minutes. He was generous with his time (even though his wife & kids were waiting for him).

At this point the biggest influence he had on me personally was through his Worship Confessionals, which I watched religiously. We recorded a bunch of our own & had a ton of fun doing them, that is until my role changed (how I miss those days).

So thanks Los for being real and starting a cool trend. It’s been amazing to see confessionals pop up all over the place!

Go watch a Worship Confessional today, and thank Carlos.

Here are some fun things to do with Twitter. (If you are saying right now, “what is twitter?”, then go watch this video.)

1. TwitterWheel. This site takes all your twitter friends and displays them so you can see who of your friends are friends with each other. ht: wfyoung3

2. Twittervision. This site is a world map that shows the latest tweets & where they’re from. It’s a little weird/voyeuristic, but kind of addicting as well. Looks like you might have to setup your location for you to get in on the action, not quite sure tho.
3. Eat Sleep Tweet T-shirt. Click here to check it out, only $5! (shipping is a bummer tho).

tweetstats twitter
4. TweetStats. Just a fun stats checker for your Twitter account.

5. Twitter Chart. Another Twitter stats checker, not quite as colorful and intuitive as TweetStats. ht: Los

6. TwitPic. This tool allows you to upload pics taken on your cellphone directly as a tweet. Pretty cool, and becoming unhealthily popular! I just wish it worked with Sprint picture mail, cuz I can’t use it and it bugs the heck out of me.

7. Twinkle. A cool app just for iPhones (I think). Too bad I can’t use this one either, cuz I don’t have an iPhone. Here’s a pretty interesting article on it.

8. This is just plain useless but interesting. It’s a site that shows tweets coming through in real time. It’s pretty insane! ht: onecatbiz

An interesting post with more Twitter stuff here. Another here. Know of more fun stuff to do with Twitter? Leave a comment please!


Loops, Loops, Loops, I love Loops, here they go down, down into my belly…

Seriously. Loops are amazing. I am a closet techno fan. Remix anything for me, throw it in a blender and push play, I’m in heaven.

This post got me going again. The guys over at Elevation put this loop together based off of United’s “To Know Your Name” – an amazing song, see below.

Where’s the best place you’ve found for loops? A loop exchange? Sharing? It’d be awesome if there was a site like that for worship leaders/bands, maybe there already is one? Jump in, enlighten.


Spam – not the stuff that Hawaiians eat, the stuff that clutters up your inbox and steals your valuable time. It’s a fact of life now. To my surprise, many people I talk to still deal with a lot of it on a daily basis, a LOT of it.

This is a solution that has helped me & I’ve been promising some people that I’d do a post on it for a while, and am just now getting to it. This will kill about 90% of your spam, at least it does for me and people I know who do this. It’s really very simple.

Normp0-9oally anyone who works for an organization uses an email address which uses something called POP to download messages from a server. Normally you yourself download messages right your your computer into you email application and trust whatever spam filters it has, or you might even have some third party software that you bought to filter spam. The problem is that they usually don’t work well and you still spend precious time sifting through your email.

What if there was a gatekeeper between your computer and the big bad internet? Introduce: Gmail, Google’s free web email application. Gmail has an incredible spam filter that works as that gatekeeper, removing almost all of the spam that would normally steal your time, space, and bandwidth. Here’s some easy (hopefully) steps to make this all work.

First try and imagine what is going on, so you feel comfortable doing this. What’s happening is that Gmail is grabbing emails off your server, filter them, and then holding them safely until you decide to download them (spam free) from your Gmail account. It’s that simple!

  1. Get a Gmail account (don’t worry about finding a perfect username/address – it won’t matter)
  2. Setup Gmail to get mail from your server (I suggest not leaving a copy on your server)
  3. Setup Gmail for POP (so you can download onto your computer’s email application)
    1. You can leave a copy of your mail on Gmail for backup if you’d like (kind of nice)
  4. Setup your email application to download from Gmail (Google has a nice list of apps for you)

That should be all for you to download mail.

Now sending mail is a little trickier. What you’ve got to do is check the settings for your “outgoing server” on your mail application and make sure that it is set to send mail as your “” – usually your email app is setup to send and receive from the same server – what you need to do is receive from Gmail and send as your server’s domain (

Once this is all setup right you should receive way less spam, and all your sent emails will still have on them.

Another plus to this is that you can login to Gmail from anywhere at anytime and check your email. You can also send email directly from Gmail, as with a little more setup.

*One known issue that I’ve had is sometimes not getting an email on my mail app immediately when someone sends me something. All you have to do in that case is go to Gmail, click on Settings, then Accounts. It will tell you when the last time Gmail has checked (ex: 10 minutes ago) – then you can simply click on “Check Mail Now” and that email will be brought into Gmail. Go back into your computers app and send/receive – walah! (There have been instances when I’ve checked my setting on Gmail and it’s been like 40 minutes since it has been checked – don’t know why, it seems like Gmail randomly checks your server, but normally it should be automatic).

*Another issue is that sometimes an email from someone new might get stuck in your Gmail spam folder. That’s ok, just find it and mark it “not spam” in Gmail and it will never go there again.

Hope that wasn’t too techy for y’all.