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A news update on the Michael Guglielmucci / Healer saga (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3):

ANGRY Christians have condemned disgraced pastor Michael Guglielmucci’s cancer hoax as the ultimate act of betrayal – and they want their money back.

His lawyer revealed yesterday that the inspirational preacher was receiving psychiatric help after confessing to faking a two-year battle with terminal cancer.Lawyer Matthew Selley told The Advertiser his client had no plans to report to police despite Pentecostal church officials advising him to reveal details of any cash that may have been raised deceptively.

I’m hoping this guy cooperates and does the right thing (I made my own little list here).

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The blogosphere is bursting at the seams with this news. With encouragements, admonishments, anger, sadness, finger pointing, and forgiveness. I’ve read almost all of your posts and comments – great stuff, great perspective. If this is something new to you, go get a “big picture” point of view on this issue. Here’s my best attempt at a comprehensive list of bloggers in my neck of the woods who’ve posted about Michael Guglielmucci (in no particular order, and thanks to Joel, who had a pretty nice list himslef):

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What a hot topic this has become, and I’m sure will continue to be… Many of you, my blogging friends have written some great posts and comments on this issue. Some really good, sad, and interesting comments if you take the time to read through. But today I have something else on my heart. It’s this man, this guy named Michael, who is a man. A man who made a very bad choice. A pastor who lied to his family, to his church, to the entire world (at this time these are still the facts reported). A musician who took advantage of people who yearn to worship God through song. A person who manipulated and lied to millions of people, using one of the most feared and devastating diseases to pull on people’s heart strings: cancer. And here is how history will remember him:

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The Christian/Worship blogosphere is buzzing this morning with the recent news surrounding the song “Healer”. Here’s the short of it:

A FORMER Adelaide pastor who inspired hundreds of thousands of young Christians with his with his terminal cancer “battle” has been exposed as a fraud.

Michael Guglielmucci, whose parents established Edge Church International, an Assemblies of God church at O’Halloran Hill, is now seeking professional help. Earlier this year, Mr Guglielmucci released a hit song The Healer which was featured on Sydney church Hillsong’s latest album. It debuted at No. 2 on the ARIA charts.The song has become an anthem of faith for believers, many of whom are suffering their own illness and were praying for a miracle for Mr Guglielmucci, who has claimed for two years to be terminally ill

It appears that Mr Guglielmucci, who was a pastor with one of Australia’s biggest youth churches, Planetshakers, may have even deceived his own family.

ht: Adelaide Now via Los & Chris

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