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Here’s Miles riding his bike without training wheels for the first time (and yes every time I say/read that I have to wipe away a tear.) Big thanks to his Uncle Kevin for helping us get him going. It only took two tries and he was up and running.

Thanksgiving 2011 – the year, Miles rode a two-wheeler by himself. His quote, “Bike riding is alllllmost as much fun as playing Halo.”

Miles Birthday Party

“How does it feel to be 9?”, “I don’t know cuz I’ve never been 9 before” -Miles #milesisms  (from Twitter)

This month Miles turned nine. Seems like yesterday he was our little five year old.

Yes, I know that sounds cliché, but I’m his dad, so I can be cliché if I want to. In fact this whole post may be a little cliché, but I keep thinking that these years are going by and I’m not documenting enough. Maybe someday he’ll read this, maybe he won’t, but here’s my post for him on his turning nine years old.


  • Likes playing Halo (on the Xbox and in real life, running around the property.)
  • Loves his sisters, although him and Macy fight like cats & dogs.
  • Enjoys sleepovers with friends.
  • Is an excellent swimmer.
  • Is in 3rd grade.
  • Enjoys hiking with his dad & friends.
  • Plays flag football – he’s usually the center. First team: Patriots. Current team: Cowboys.
  • Likes Daughtry and Hillsong United.
  • He’s got a sensitive heart & cares about people.
  • He’s a leader, always telling his friends (and family) what the plan is.
  • Loves to read.
  • Current favorite movies: Rio, Surf’s Up.
  • He’s an excellent student – he’s especially good at spelling & memory verses.

Words from your Mumsie

My first-born and only boy, you have a special place in my heart. You are smart….way smarter than me (ask me about Miles Standish… who the heck is that?), loving, talkative, friendly, curious, argumentative (I think you would be a great lawyer someday), but most of all you love God, your family and your friends. You don’t like to brush your teeth which drives me crazy, but I guess yellow sweaters on your teeth will keep the girls away. I love joking around with you, and playing with you. You are a great helper around the house. You help a lot with Maggie, and fight a lot with Macy. You have a few chores like feeding Java, taking trash out, putting your laundry away, and anything else I happen to come up with. You are turning out to be a very good young man. I can’t wait to walk beside you as you grow. I love being your mom :) Love you and Happy 9th Birthday!

Our hopes for Miles

Miles, our prayer for you as you turn nine is that you grow to be wise and humble; that you use your gifts and talents to help others and show God’s love to them; that you are successful in anything you do, and that you never lose your happy, sensitive, and loving spirit.

Screen shot 2011-09-12 at 10.56.35 PM

Church is made up of imperfect people. If you believe the Gospel, then you realize that those imperfections are covered by God’s grace. That’s the core message of the Bible, and of the church.

At Church (and by “Church” I mean the evangelical, Christian, American Church), we say things like:

  • “We are a family”
  • “Come just as you are”
  • “We are a place of forgiveness”
  • “We are transparent”
  • “We are authentic”

And the list goes on…

What happens when we fail to live up to the calling of Christ? What happens when we don’t measure up to the standards we’ve set for one another? Not just leaders… all of us?

My experience has shown me that when this happens, all that talk about family, grace, forgiveness, transparency, and authenticity suddenly seems empty. The place that is supposed to be the safest, most supporting, most loving, most forgiving, suddenly becomes a place to be avoided.

How can this be? How come when we need help the most we run from it? And how can the place that is supposed to help, commanded to help, how can it suddenly, and sometimes viciously turn on it’s own?

No easy answers here, just a lot of incongruence.