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I get this question a lot, “You must spend a TON of time on Facebook”, or “You’re so addicted to Facebook!”

Truth be told, I am spending more time on Facebook lately, but I never update my status from there – I use Twitter (as I’m sure many of you do). Here’s some reasons why:

  • I was using Twitter before I joined Facebook
  • When I update Twitter, I’m (a) reaching an immediate network of over 600 people, and (b) reaching potentially thousands more thru friends of friends on Twitter
  • I can do it from my phone, anywhere, anytime
  • I can do it from an app like Tweetie (not having to open a webpage)
  • Did I mention that I can do it from my phone, anywhere, anytime?

Maybe I’m putting the cart before the horse here – maybe you’re not convinced that Twitter is a valuable use of your time (to which I would argue that if you update your status on Facebook, ever, than Twitter will be valuable to you). Or, maybe you just don’t understand Twitter, to which, I propose you watch this little video:

Now back to the main point: How to connect your Facebook account with your Twitter account. Rather than reinvent the wheel here, I went out and found the best tutorial I could find.

Here’s a little tutorial on how to have Twitter update your Facebook status. (note: on step #2 you may need to click on the “Application” tag. See screen shots below).


Click on the “Applications” tab.


Click on the application name: Twitter, and then continue following the tutorial.

That’s it. Now you are a power Facebook/Twitter user. Every time you update your twitter, your Facebook status will be updated. And from my experience, there’s not much lag.

Any questions?

Oh yeah, if you’re not following me on Twitter, go on over and follow me.

I was a late adopter to Facebook – I’ll admit it, when I first checked it out I didn’t get it; it seemed way to complicated. Well things have changed, and Facebook has become my online portal/community.

One of the complaints I often hear from people who are new or wary of joining Facebook is, all the poking, pie throwing, charm giving, personality quiz’s, which disney character are you quiz, how well you know that person from 8th grade, and on, and on, and on it goes. There’s good news for you!

The wise folks at Facebook have made it SUPER easy for you to filter that junk out. Here’s one easy way to cut down on all that garbage.

DISCLAIMER: If you like to spend endless hours filling out these tests and throwing virtual water balloons, read no further.


Here’s a typical quiz that shows up on your wall; taking up your precious real estate. Maybe you just can’t wait to find out what Disney Character you are, for me, not so much. There’s a very easy way to make sure this NEVER happens to you again.


All you have to do is roll your mouse pointer over the upper right side of the post. When you do this a magic “Hide” button appears. When you click on the button, two options appear. In the graphic above, I’ve selected to hide the quiz from my wall, forever banishing this application to underworld of the internet. So to be clear, I will NEVER see this quiz again, no matter how many of my friends take it.


Now let’s say you have a friend who takes like 4 quiz’s an hour, loading up your page with their results & inviting you to join in the fun. Well, you really have no choice but to say, “Thanks, but no thanks.” And with the click of a button, you will never see another quiz, pie, waterballoon, or poke. That’s right you can simply hide their status updates from your wall.

Ahhhh can you feel the peace and quiet?

That’s all for tonight folks – have fun hiding things & people. And if you want to see what quizes I’m taking, add me as a friend.

I haven’t ‘blog’ blogged in quite a while. Mostly just family updates & some design stuff… Not sure whats up with the blog funk. So here’s just a mind dump:

  • I’m all about Facebook all of the sudden (are we friends?)
  • I can’t twitpic right now because of our plan & it’s driving me nuts!
  • I love my new job
  • I’ve been to church (worship service) 2 weeks in a row with my wife & kids, first time that I can remember
  • My RSS feed is broken and I don’t know how to fix it. I think Google broke it when they took over Feedburner (at least that’s the story I’m sticking with)
  • As expected, the new U2 album is VERY strange, as expected…
  • I’m excited about spending two weeks on the road with my family
  • I’m realizing I’m addicted to making things happen & need to learn how to slow down
  • Quote from staff meeting today that is resonating with me: “nothing is THAT important” (in response to checking email obsessively, which I do). Our lead pastor checks his email 3x a week!
  • Learning about Tim Keller
  • About half way through Mad Church Disease (thank you Anne)
  • I’ve been listening to 100.3 the Sound from LA – AWESOME radio station (old school)
  • Been missing a lot of my Life Church friends
  • My son is now 6 and a half. It seems like just yesterday Jen and I were dreaming about him going to Kindergarten!

That’s about it for tonight…