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Continuing with talking about generosity, I’m very excited to take part in this project: 50,000 Shoes. Last week or so Anne Jackson asked us if we wanted to be a part of a “the worlds biggest blogging charity challenge” – I was in.

So here’s the deal.

  • Today, 300 million people look down as they walk from school, or to their jobs, or back home and have NO SHOES. That means no protection from glass, rocks, metal, disease, and the elements.
  • Nashville-based Soles4Souls gives shoes to people who need them (we’re talking 3.3 million pairs to over 60 countries).
  • We’re trying to donate 50,000 pairs of shoes over the next 50 days.
  • For only $5 YOU can send 2 pairs of shoes off to meet a real life need.
  • and have already picked up on this.
  • You can join the FaceBook group here.
  • We all need to spread the word throughout all of our communities to make this happen. Blog, twitter, email, call, write, share, talk, facebook, whatever you do – just get the word out!

So go to 50, today and send some shoes off to someone who really needs them today. Then talk about it & spread the word. What a great way to be generous and watch us accomplish something amazing together! Thanks Anne!

This is a new blog series that I’m going to work through. Let me just begin by sharing that over the past year my life as I’ve connected with more an more people outside my little ‘Temecula Circle’ – I’ve become more aware, or more attracted to generosity. I love reading stories about people who come together to give back, give away, help, share, whatever – all in the name of love, of help. A little sappy I know, but something’s happening to me, to our family.

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This election was pretty interesting, especially in the use of social media/web 2.0. I think one of the coolest things about what has happened over the past few years is the web has brought us closer to the action – inviting us to participate more. Some would argue that social media has caused us to be isolated behind a 15 inch screen, I disagree. Not being a big political person – I’ve been drawn into the discussion and actually look forward to conversing and learning more and more – because I’ve been invited to be a part of the discussion; I almost feel like I’ve been given a ‘behind the scenes’ pass to what’s happened over the past few months.
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I don’t have a lot of time to blog right now, but I can’t let this day go by without a quick post. We actually got in front of a TV last night to witness this historical election. Amazing speeches by both McCain and Obama. Lot’s of talk of working together to bring about the changes we need to make to make this a better country today and tomorrow. I feel like there’s a buzz of hope for our nation today, at least in my circles.

I know a lot of you have written some great posts on ‘the day after’. Use Mr. Linky here linking to your post so we can all share! It’s really easy, just punch in YOUR name, and the link to YOUR post. I’ll probably add a few that I’ve already read from my reader.

Of course you can leave a comment with your thoughts as well.

Oh yeah, if you’re in California and you’d like to see how we voted, check this out.

I don’t have TV. Today is a day where I wish I did, actually… I take that back, maybe I’m glad I don’t. So I’ll be tracking this days events online. Here’s a few places where I’ll be spending some time:

  • Found this this cool tool on – it tracks whatever electection race you are interested in by issue, state, prop, etc. I’m currently tracking the presidential election and prop’s 4 & 8. Go check it out.
  • Gonna watch a little local FOX news – I know, it’s FOX news, but it’s local and they’re fun.
  • And of course Twitter is alive and well today with all kinds of election day fun!
  • And lastly I gotta give my mom’s props by checking in with throughout the day (our local newspaper).

I’m surprised that I’m this excited/enthralled with the election – it’s kind of weird! How are you tracking election day?