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We’ve been really talking about taking things from “good to great” lately – I know it’s totally overused, but true. Here are a couple drawings that we will soon be incorporating – thought they looked cool enough to share, and they might just inspire you. (click on the pics for full size).

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arnoldThere’s a common thread going around churches these days, and it’s also a multi-teared, multi-billion dollar industry: Health. In blog world there’s Fat Ragamufin, Tri 2 Lose, Fat Blogger, Chunky Chicano, etc. Ed Young preached a series called “Body by God“, and his wife even wrote a cookbook to go along with it. Here’s a fun news segment on the epidemic:

So it just makes sense to me to do a series for our church called, “Life Gets Fit”. What it would be is group therapy, getting healthier together (a la: Rick Warren, “Better Together”). This series would cover three areas:

  • Spiritual Health
  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health

I know it sounds a little daunting. But if Christ did come to offer freedom, to give us true life, and to live amazing, confident, victorious lives, how can we do that if we are unhealthy or unbalanced?

So in my mind this series would be a 3 part series that spanned about 12 weeks – I know that’s a long time, but I am thinking about breaking old habits and starting new ones. Such as changing diets, changing exercise patterns, creating personal devotion time with God, spouses, families, changing how we interact with our church, our “neighbors”, our community, and our world.

Somewhere on another computer, I’ve already got message titles and stuff – but you get the basic premise. In addition to weekly teaching, I’d like to see an interactive blog that we could use to offer additional resources as well as a platform for personal accountability, sharing stories of success and failure. So I already purchased lifegetsfit[dot]com. specifically for that purpose.

Oh yeah, physical and spiritual health are pretty easily understood, but mental health invokes images of straight jackets and sedatives. So what I mean by “mental health” is really more like “relational health”; having healthy relationships with family, church, community, etc. I guess you could look at it like this:

  • Spiritual Health: God and Me
  • Physical Health: Me
  • Relational Health: Me and Others

Check out this video…

What do you think?

mad scientistI’ve had so many ideas come and go, and I’ve tried everything from journals, emails, to-do lists, etc. to keep track of them. So I am going to start a blog category called “brainstorm” and use ye old blog to post these ideas – mainly for ministry. I think this will be good because then I might get some good feedback from the blog world. So feel free to comment away every time this category come up, and steal away too, just let me know if you do – I’d love to know.

This idea actually comes right from my brother, way out in Virginia:

I’m not sure why this popped into my head but I have this series idea. It basically comes from the concept that sometimes in order to move forward you have to look back and deal with stuff from the past first and learn from it. Personally I think we all go through those times. Also, biblically we can learn a lot from the OT and also the way the church was established in the NT.
The Israelites being delivered from Egypt and then forgetting what God had done for them and wandering for 40 years is a perfect example of a people that refused to look back.
Anyway, I think if it was a series then it should be called Back to the Future. What do you think?

What do I think? I think that’s a great idea! Awesome way to introduce what some people really consider scary and boring: the Old Testament (oh yeah, there’s actually 39 other books in the Bible). I can see the graphics already, and if you wanted to you could do some great stage props, Universal Studios style.