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I’m sitting in the tech booth at church, it’s 12:21, worship started at 11:00am, and John is still going strong on his message (he just said he knows he’s out of time). But I’m running out of time, as soon as we’re done here I have to go shopping for some stuff for my trip, get the kids fed and down for naps, and pack up. So we’re wrapping up “RagamuffinSoul Week” here with this last post. Los is a Networking King. I tell anyone who wants to get into blogging, go to first. I don’t have the time to make a ton of links, and send you over to all the cool things Los has done in the name of networking, learning, & growing, but all you have to do is spend a few minutes over there to get an idea.

betterthanblank loves ragamuffinsoul

A picture says a thousand words (or 250,000). The numbers aren’t what I’m impressed with here, it’s the fact that Los is about to click on a mighty fine blog.

So, thanks Los for all you do. I appreciate and have mad respect for you. Don’t stop & hopefully our paths will cross soon.

By the way, John is still preaching (oh he just dropped the “let me conclude with this” line).

Two Words: Creative Chaos.

Ok, I wanted to just say that and be done with it, but this movement begs to be explained (quickly). Imagine the creative minds & hearts from churches all over the world sharing their ideas, resources, and dreams, freely and openly. Creative Chaos.

For me this has a very special impact in my life. I believe strongly that God reveals his characteristics through his creation. And it’s plain to see when you see the ideas and methods used by creative people all over the world, you get a small glimpse at God. Amazing.

So every Thursday, you have the opportunity to share what God has put in your heart. And every Thursday you have the opportunity to see what God has put in the hearts of his people.

Go there today.

los whittaker roof of buckhead

Carlos has probably one of the coolest jobs in the Known Universe. I don’t really have to say much more. But there is a great story and some very cool things to talk about here.

When I first met Carlos he was the worship leader/pastor at Sandals in nearby Riverside, the 909. Then came the big announcement and the Whittakers were off to what many refer to now as the “dirty south”, or the “ATL”. They were moving to Atlanta, to work at one of my favorite churches, Northpoint. This isn’t really supposed to be about me, but we are at my blog so here goes.

I’ve been a huge Giglio/Passion/722 fan for years. It’s because of that influence that I left a job at an older style church for one that was doing things more in that vein (we’re still not there yet, but we’re workin’ on it). One November a few years back now, we flew out to Nashville, then drove down to Decatur, Alabama to visit Jen’s dad. While we were there we decided that we going to drive to Atlanta from Decatur to get to a 722 service. So we made the 4 hour or so drive, ate at Tahoe Joe’s, and headed into Northpoint. What an awesome night! I got to talk to Louie, and Todd Fields, plus Louie almost burned the place down deep frying a Turkey! Jen and I wouldn’t be the same. So all this to say, I feel a strong connection to Northpoint and Carlos.

Back the man of the hour. I’m not going to spend a lot of time writing about Buckhead (oh yeah, BH is a campus of Northpoint) cuz Los already did. Here’s some highlight posts that you should hit up today.

Read to your hearts desire here (just try not to break too many commandments). And while you’re at it visit these sites:

carlos whittaker tattoo

Just about the time I was getting to know who Carlos was, he started hinting at a huge announcement. He was going to be on the ridiculously popular spin off show “LA Ink“. So naturally Jen and I had to start watching. We set our DVR and spent the next couple months watching through every show, asking “who do you think is gonna do his tat?”, and “do you think I should get a tat?”, until finally – there was Carlos.

It was cool to watch and know that here’s a guy that we kind of know personally. It was cool to hear the story behind the tattoo. It was cool to watch the discussion over at And it was just cool to see another culture get some air time and hear stories of people’s lives, their joys, their heartaches, their dreams.

Here’s a little “behind the scenes” post.

Did you watch?