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Anyone out there using Simplify Media? My friend Trasier showed it to me a couple weeks ago. Basically you download it, install it, and then you can stream music from your computer anywhere & listen to other friends music who have installed it. Here’s how they describe it:

Simplify Media software connects you directly to your music. Enjoy songs from home while at work or from any WiFi location. Explore friends’ music while they are online.

Here’s a little video:

So if you happen to install this, look me up (my username is amclean). I’ve got Gig’s of music to share & I’d love to hear yours!

Been checkin out some sites that pop up on twitter or just via looking around the web:

  • Passpack – an online password keeper/manager (I don’t know about you, but I think I have about 100+ sites that require passwords – drives me nuts).
  • People Browser – yet another social media conglomeration site that uses twitter as its hub.
  • WorshipHouseMedia – 1. They’re giving away free videos 2. If you’ve never gone here, you should.
    ht: Ministry Best Practices
  • Churchmetrics –’s newest free offering for stats management. Very web 2.0 and very FREE.
  • Videoteaching –’s unrealeased site that says: Soon your church can use high-quality video teaching from the world’s top communicators… for free. Very excited about this, coming in less than a week!
  • ChurchCrunch – a cool blog with cool stuff related to tech/web/church/etc. Subscribe to this blog and you’ll probably be some of the first to hear about new stuff…

That’s all…

This is a new blog series that I’m going to work through. Let me just begin by sharing that over the past year my life as I’ve connected with more an more people outside my little ‘Temecula Circle’ – I’ve become more aware, or more attracted to generosity. I love reading stories about people who come together to give back, give away, help, share, whatever – all in the name of love, of help. A little sappy I know, but something’s happening to me, to our family.

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This election was pretty interesting, especially in the use of social media/web 2.0. I think one of the coolest things about what has happened over the past few years is the web has brought us closer to the action – inviting us to participate more. Some would argue that social media has caused us to be isolated behind a 15 inch screen, I disagree. Not being a big political person – I’ve been drawn into the discussion and actually look forward to conversing and learning more and more – because I’ve been invited to be a part of the discussion; I almost feel like I’ve been given a ‘behind the scenes’ pass to what’s happened over the past few months.
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Oh yes, coming soon to your church: I know we need another CMS system like we need a hole in the head, but come on… this is! The same guys who brought you and One Prayer. Why does this excite me? Well…

1. I am not at all happy with our current CMS system, or the one we used before. The main reason is that the user interface is so 90’s, very clunky and there’s a huge learning curve to begin to use it.

2. Back to the user interface. This looks very web 2.0, which means I can probably understand it and begin using it immediately.

3. It’s free.

4. It’s web-based.

5. And lastly it doesn’t seem like it’s the “all things to all people” church application. So that means that it’ll be GREAT at doing a few things – which I like.

When will it come out? Not sure, but I’ll let you know as soon as I know. Until then, keep you eye on their Vimeo page for updated videos.