All posts tagged: art has an amazing series that we are kicking off this weekend called “What’s The Difference“. As I was perusing I noticed that the graphics package was not available (PSD/AI files). So I hit up Terry Storch to see if he could help and apparently they had some data loss at some time and lost the files. So I decided to try and make something usable out of the low res graphic they had. So I did. It’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s going to get the job done for us: bulletin covers, invite cards, screen graphics, powerpoint, etc.

So here’s the Zip file with 3 PSD’s that are high enough res to print nicely. Hope it helps for anyone adapting the “What’s the Difference” teaching series!

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txt-bookmark.jpgHope this doesn’t get me in trouble withe the guys. We are doing their TXT series for the next couple weeks. We’re also doing this thing called “Friend Day 1000” – I know the name blows, but no one could come up with anything better. The idea is that we want to challenge our church to invite their friends and neighbors over the next 4 weeks and we believe that God will bring 1000 people to LifeChurch by the last week in April. I’m excited to see what happens!

So we needed an invite card, which we normally do for every series as a business card size. As I started messing around with LifeChurch supplied TXT graphic (thank you very much!), I thought of doing something a little different this time. We had a lot of information trying to fit on a very small amount of space, plus the TXT graphic was so subtle and simple. So I decided to create a bookmark that could also be folded in half as an invite card. It worked out better than I thought, plus we folded a ton of them and put them all around the church – it really looks like we had planned this months ago instead of last week.

Again, I’d love feedback from anyone with constructive criticism or anything. I’m supplying the Photoshop file (2.3MB) as well if anyone wants to use it for anything.

A buddy of mine needed some help for his Christmas cards this year. He had a picture that he liked but there were some lighting issues and stuff typical of a home made portrait. This isn’t something I’ve delved into but I wanted to help him out. Here’s the results.
The original
Color version
Black & White version