2011 | 365 Day 10 – Perspective

2011 | 365 Day 10

Today was an “office day”. Lot’s of emails to answer, meetings, things to get done, deadlines to meet & create, meetings to plan, information to pass along, etc. As I drove into work today, after dropping Miles off at school, I was reminded how blessed I am. Blessed just to…

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2011 | 365 in Photos

One of the teachers at our school is posting a picture at day on her Facebook page. I think that’s a cool idea, so I’m going to *try* and copy her, here. I’ve got a little catching up to do – 8 days to be exact. S0 here goes: Saturday,…

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An Interface Design

About a month ago, in all my spare time, I partnered with @wireddaniel on some work for an interface design for a company that shall remain nameless (per their request). The order was for a grungy, military-esque touch-screen control panel to control a high-end audio/video show-room. Each element/control was custom…

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