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So my buddy Fred started a little trend called “Sunday Setlist“. I’m not sure if this is taking the place of worship confessionals or what, but I thought I’d play along. Now, I’m not the worship pastor at LifeChurch, in fact we don’t have one. I’m the executive pastor, who just has a heart for worship. So, I don’t know if this will happen every weekend or not, we’ll see.

This weekend was pretty packed. We had a group called “Aloha Friday” come and do their “Hula Worship” with us – pretty awesome. So our set looked like this:

  1. Marvelous Light
  2. God of Wonders
  3. Hula Worship… (2-3 songs)

Here’s a little video of the Hula Worship. It was pretty amazing.

Here’s a little slideshow from the weekend:

8 thoughts on “Sunday Setlist

  1. Fred F. McKinnon

    Thanks man … “Sunday Setlists” isn’t supposed to take the place of Worship Confessionals at all … as a matter of fact, it’s helping resurrect them .. it’s just a way to tie them all together – whether it’s a worship confessional, a textfessional, a setlist review, etc.

    Thanks a ton for doing this.

    As for the aloha worship … wow .. that’s a lot of butt shakin’and hip swingin! (grin)

  2. WorshipCity

    WOW Hula Worship is a first for me!
    Mind if I ask how you get away with the pics during the service? Is your sanctuary big enough to where no one notices someone with a camera walking around snapping shots or is it pretty common place at your church?

  3. Paul J.

    Actually, I saw some hula worship at the last Saddleback worship conference I went to…they have a Polynesian worship experience, very cool.

  4. alex

    Fred, thanks for the update. I wish we did worship confessionals still, but by the end of the weekend everyone is wiped and already thinking about next week! I loved it while it lasted and hopefully we’ll get back into it one day. But for now Sunday Setlist’s is a low impact way of sharing what’s going on.

    Hula Worship was actually very tasteful. I love engaging people in new and alternative ways to worship God, other than the standard contemporary ‘worship music’.

    And Conner, usually I’m the only one in there snapping pictures. Kind of guerrilla style, just running around and shooting now and then – no one seems to mind. I try not to use the flash, which means I have to use a tripod to get them to turn out right. Most of the shots are taken from the back of the room (about 80′ or so away from the stage). By the way, if any LifeChurch people read this blog and are photo nuts – I’d love to have a team that shot every week! Hit me up if yer interested.

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