Sunday Setlist: 8.17.2008

Here’s the weekly Sunday Setlist! I didn’t spend much time in the “Big House” this weekend (our slang for adult worship experience). But here’s the set list – I caught one services worth of worship over the course of four visits.

  1. Forever – Tomlin
  2. Blessed Be Your Name – Redman
  3. Doxology – I think it was a Crowderesque version
  4. Freedom – Jason Upton

We were in our second week of “SuperNatural”, teaching on the Holy Spirit, which was good. Technically things went as well as possible. We had a lot of work to strike the stage from ONE VOICE and reset it for our weekend worship. A projector went down, then the emergency replacement started giving us problems, but everything came together for the services. Lower attendance this weekend – not sure what’s up with that. People are supposed to be coming back to church for the fall. We’ll see next week.

Guitars & Drums
I spent some time in our Youth Ministries this weekend leading worship so here’s the setlist from that:

  1. Not to Us – Tomlin
  2. Marvelous Light – Hall
  3. Everlasting God – Brown/Tomlin

We have two regular band members now (djembe & guitar), and we featured some of our girl singers on “Marvelous Light”. The youth band is forming and doing a great job. The kids have great attitudes and the crowd is really beginning to engage. Now I just have to find an intern worship leader who can take this on.

Great weekend all in all! Make sure you visit Fred’s site for all kinds of Sunday Setlist fun.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Setlist: 8.17.2008

  1. Kendra Watson

    That’s awesome that the youth are getting involved in the band. I was in the nursery and I loved hearing the high school kids sing worship! Should I feel bad that I told those kids not to go up and down the halls with that dolly *LOL*

    Kendra Watsons last blog post..My First Grader

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