Sunday Setlist

I don’t do this (Sunday Setlist) every weekend because this isn’t really my job description right now, but I’m trying to help our youth ministry launch a music ministry. So, I’ve been leading worship every weekend for our Jr. High one hour, and our High School the next. We’re slowing gaining momentum and getting more kids on board. Today we had a vocalist and drummer – awesome! Here’s the songs:

  1. Not to Us – Tomlin
  2. Everlasting God – Tomlin
  3. Cannons – Wickham

The youth really sing out on Everlasting God, and I think they really like Cannons. That’s all for now!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Setlist

  1. tam

    we did everlasting God this weekend too, and like you all, our church really sings out on that one! it definitely strikes a chord in the hearts!

  2. worshipcity

    Oh man! Kudos! That's a killer set of songs. Not to Us is one of my All time favorite Tomlin tunes. Not sure if it's the Filter “Picture” chord structure or the way the end just goes crazy awesome!
    I'm geeking out over Wickham. I can't get enough lately. Cannons was the last song I introed at our church.

  3. Steff

    Cannons is a great song! I've been thinking about adding that one to our repertoire.

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