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Every once in a while I get to lead worship at my church; this was one of those weekends, and I had a blast! We pulled the drums out of their soundproof ‘cave’ and had our drummer play with some metal brushes. Acoustic bass, two acoustic guitars, and Melissa and me on vocals. I thought it was pretty good. We went for simplicity – all songs in B (capo 4 for me). So the transitions were easy, the range was good for me, and for Melissa actually. Here’s what went down…

  • Not to Us (me leading)
  • God of This City (Melissa & me leading, only on Saturday night)
  • Blessed Be Your Name (me leading)
  • Everlasting God (Melissa & me leading)
  • Grace Flows Down (Melissa leading, and the only song in D)

Not to crazy of song selection, I know, but these are songs I know very well, and our church participates when we drop these songs. The band did great, a lot of fun when you can just go from one song to the next, to the next & not really worry too much about arrangement & transition. Melissa had TONS of compliments on ‘Grace Flows Down’ she really tore that one up.

What was really cool was the way the songs fit the weekend, completely unintentional. First off, this week we celebrated communion. Just so happens that ‘Blessed be Your Name’ was the song for that time. We did the whole song with just fingerpicked guitar & vocals, very introspective (normally we power up this song). The real thrust of the song this time was the lyric ‘You give and take away… Blessed be your name’. I spoke briefly on the fact that Christ came, and then he went away – so that he can come back again. And he encouraged us to remember him, remember that he left. But he left us with so much, his spirit, his church, so many blessings. It was a very different communion experience.

We had a guest (our pastor’s uncle) and he shared an awesome message on compassion. So ‘Everlasting God’ really spoke to that with the lyric ‘You’re the defender of the weak, you comfort those in need, you lift us up on wings like eagles…’.

And lastly, the song ‘Grace Flows Down’ was a choice by Melissa. She couldn’t have chosen a better song for the closing of the service. A very moving reminder of how grace covers all, the story of the cross, and what we’ve put our hope in.

It was a great weekend! If you’re really interested, I think you can watch the service here. And don’t forget to vist Fred’s blog for all the other Sunday Setlists.

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