Sulfahexafluoride Gas

jay lenoOK, I just saw the coolest thing I have seen in a LONG TIME! I’m watching Jay Leno and he has a guest on tonight, Mad Scientist David Willey. He is explaining sulfahexafluoride gas. Apparently it is a gas that is denser than air so he has a balloon filled with air and with sulfahexafluoride, and the sxf (I am going to call it that for short) balloon falls super fast to the floor, but that is nothing.

He opens up a large glass box (picture a fish aquarium) filled with sxf and they make tin-foil boats and they “float” them there in mid-air inside the box. Of course the bowls are floating on top of the denser than air sxf. They then blow bubbles at it and of course they bounce right of this mid-air.

Willey then shows how this gas will not conduct electricity by placing a 400,000 volt zapper inside the glass box and it immediately shuts off.

But, the BEST part was that the scientist called sxf the “anti-helium” gas. So Jay, says something like “you mean if I suck this in it will make my voice lower?” – he was joking, but the scientist wasn’t, he had Jay go right ahead. And wouldn’t you know it, Jay started talking and it sounded like a slowed down recording. He was cracking up and so was I. Willey then joined in as Jay called his other guest, Josh Duhamel, to come and try it, which he did – it was hilarious! Maybe the youtube video will come out soon.

Now onto ConanJim Carrey is on tonight!

16 thoughts on “Sulfahexafluoride Gas

  1. Kade Wolfe

    Hey alex i saw this too and it was amazing im so glad i watched the show yesterday i was actually freaking out saying NO Way i was amazed anyway good articlular blogging thing but ya SULFAHEXAFLOURIDE RULES i want some now.

    good luck with this and anything else

  2. Ben

    Man I saw this too and I am on the internet now trying to find out where I can buy some of this stuff.

  3. Paul

    It was so funny when Josh Duhamel tried it, said “hey Mom”, and then laughed. His laugh sounded like an evil vilians. It was amazing. Im trying to find the video but it isnt showing up anywhere. I want to watch it again!

  4. alex

    let me know when or if you find it so I can post it here!

  5. Renee

    My son loved that gas, please let me know where I can get it. What a great halloween item to got with dry ice. And like Paul I would like find the video too.

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  7. Joan

    I have programmed my DVR to record Jay Leno every night, and when I watched this episode I knew I had to put it on tape so I could show all my friends and relatives. So eat your heart out – I have it on my DVR AND a video tape. (I’m just kidding – about eating your heart out, that is.) If you’d like it, just let me know – I’ll put it on tape for you,too.

  8. Pam

    I had recorded it too and rewound it over and over laughing so hard everytime. Does anyone know where a company gets, or creates a gas like this? or helium, etc. Just curious.

  9. David Willey

    Thank you folks, I’m glad you liked it,

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