Staff Meeting Nuggets

outreachAlright, many of you who read this are on staff at a church and probably have to “endure” your staff meetings. I’ll admit, I do to, sometimes. Today we got some nuggets from Outreach Magazine (Sept/Oct 2007), that I couldn’t pass up.

5 Tips for Visitor Gift Bags (Heather Johnson)

  • The Right Bag: have you thought through how the bag itself communicates your church’s vibe?
  • Cool Contents: “Gift bag items should be so ‘cool’ that even spiritually uncertain people won’t care that they have a church logo on them.” I loved this one: pad of paper with logo on it, you always need scratch paper. What items are in your gift bags?
  • Informational Materials: include a signed letter from the pastor, mission, vision, etc. I would add a CD or DVD.
  • Evangelistic Mission: (I loved this one) include a small stack of blank church business cards with maps to use as personal invitations.
  • Dynamic Delivery: (this one’s obvious) “The gift bags are only as good as the delivery team”.

How Important is a Building? (Thom S. Rainer and Sam S. Rainer III)

  • The church facility plays an important role in attracting the unchurched.
  • The church building us not the primary motivating factor for the unchurched.
  • The worship area is the unchurched’s favorite part of the church.
  • The unchurched blame poor finances for unattractive buildings.

Is Assimilation Manipulation? (Outreach)

  • 6% of you are relentless in your pursuit of visitors since they rarely make the first move.
  • 29% of you use programs to connect visitors.
  • 55% of you build relationships in order to assimilate guests. You avoid programs and believe in simply befriending guests.
  • 16% of you don’t push guests, but simply believe in the ability of the Holy Spirit to bring people to your church and to the Lord.

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  1. James McLean

    Buildings are cool but don’t get too comfy, we gotta get people out of the building and into the community!
    My poor blog is suffering from all of my busyness at work and school. 🙁

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