Staff Advance: Day 2 & 3

catalina sky
Well, we had a great time in Catalina – two thumbs up! The only thing that could have made it better is if my wife could have been there! On day two (see Day 1 here), I taught on “How to impliment change in your ministry”. I shared pretty much the same stuff that was in this post, plus added the addendum that at any point God can allow crisis and cause us to make immediate changes. This brought up a great discussion on how we can stay “healthy, teachable, and changeable”, and possibly avoid some crisis. Just like we can take care of our bodies and stay healthy – the odds of us having a life altering problem (such as high cholestorol, or being overweight) go down. Yet there is still that chance that the Dr. could say, “I’ve got bad news, your going to have to make some life altering changes now”.

That night, Jane taught on “How to attract and keep Volunteers” – she did a bang up job, plus we all got a free book out of it, thanks Jane! During the times we got together, we all shared “Big Hairy Audacious Goals”, things we feel God is calling us to do in our areas of oversight. It was very cool to hear people’s hearts and then share additional ideas.

On our third day, J-Cap (our family life pastor) shared on “Leading for Life Change”. He got us into a lively conversation on leadership, spiritual growth, expectations for leaders & pastors, etc., it was good stuff. We spent the rest of the time relaxing, eating, reading, and just getting to know each other better. We definately left more a team than we came.

Here’s some highlights – this woman yelled at me for driving on a closed road – all I wanted to do was get some gas in our golf cart!

This is our Junior High Pastor, Daniel, suckin’ down the coolest looking Mountain Dew I’ve ever seen!

Here’s our new High School Pastor, Steve, and Daniel on the boat back to Long Beach.

This guy cracked me up. He looked like he had to be about 80 and he had a digital camera, which I thought “how cool!”. But it took him literally about 15 minutes to snap one shot of his wife. He did have a cool hat though…
old guy

And lastly, yours truly, hanging out with Steve & Daniel on the top deck of the Catalina Express. One more hour of boat ride, two more hours of LA traffic, a ten minute drive from JR’s house to mine and I’m back with my family who I missed so much.
me in catalina

I’ve got a little video from our drive home that I’ll put up later tonight in this post.