Staff Advance: Day 1


At 10:00am this morning, our staff was underway from Long Beach to Catalina for our staff advance. Here’s a little picture of where I am at this moment. I know, what a place to have a staff advance! Somehow, I have internet access, but no cell service – how can that be in 2007?

So I am missing Jen & the kids, we have a special place in our hearts for Catalina since we have been coming here consistently for the past 10 years – it’s just not the same without her (love you babe!).

Our lead pastor shared a few things he’s been learning from “Christian reflections on Leadership Challenge“:

  • Leaders would rather talk about the future than reminisce about the past
  • Talking about the future brings results or change or fruition faster
  • Leaders are catalysts for change
  • A leader can see the end results and know it will happen; they can describe it visually, verbally, artistically, etc.

The biggest commodity you have in your church is vision.  It needs to be constantly communicated, demonstrated in the leaders, and always defended.  The influential capacity of your church will be determined by how deep the vision permeates your organization.

Larry Brey, Assimilation Pastor, Elevation Church

Then we spent about an hour sharing “what if” dreams about ministry, big hairy audacious goals. Pretty cool stuff. Have you spent a lot of time “seeing” what could be in your ministry?

3 thoughts on “Staff Advance: Day 1

  1. Billy Chia

    Wow man what a beautiful sight. Yeah I’m huge on vision and dreaming. I’m all about the future.

    I’ll tell you one time I’m about the past big time: in my marriage. I find an enourmously helpful tool is to remember to good times. I think about them often and try to talk about them with Sarah. It gives you perspective when things get sucky that they weren’t always so.

    I’m not sure if there’s a church application there as well.

  2. Fred McKinnon

    Man, wow .. that’s awesome. We’re going on Staff Retreat (ya, yeah, yeah … advance/retreat, blah, blah .. haha) … 1st week of October, but I don’t think where we’ll go will look ANYTHING like that!


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