Spring Break 2010: Catching Up

It’s Spring Break, which hasn’t meant too much to me in a while. I’m not really a “Spring Break-er”, never was and for the past 10+ years, I can’t even remember ever talking about it. But, times have changed and (1) we have a first-grader, and (2) I work primarily for his school, all of which means: (1) a week off of homework and school for Miles, and (2) a week of of work for me = awesome.

Here’s some snapshot thoughts from Spring Break:

  • Started with plans to camp at South Carlsbad
  • RV needed new tires and had a water leak = we had to change our plans last minute
  • Headed out to the Avi in Laughlin (cuz it’s cheap and has a good pool for the kids)
  • Plus about the Avi = free wifi so I was able to do some catching up on google reader, technology, and basically check out some cool un-work-related stuff…
  • Anyone mess around with Firefox’s new “Personas“? It’s pretty cool.
  • All of the sudden, I am glad I don’t have an iPhone and that my Sprint renewal is coming up in Summer.
  • We had a doppleganger of Dexter in the Spa with us the other night = a little freaky.
  • The waiter from Birdcage, Agador, works at the Avi Cafe.
  • Trying to finish this book, and reading this one for fun.
  • I found this lobby display that I’m using as inspiration for a new lobby display at Rancho Community.
  • Found a really good article on which online company to use for Photo Books here.
  • Does anyone else go to Barnes & Noble and read magazines for hours and take pages of notes? I do; I read Layers Magazine, Photoshop Creative, Mac World, CMYK, etc…
  • Excited about heading to Catalyst West Coast next week – who’s going? Will there be a Tweetup #Catwest?
  • Easter was awesome! My second Easter not “working”, so we celebrated by volunteering @ranchocommunity. After church we headed over to the Marcelino’s for a great afternoon. Photos are here.
  • Macy turned four on April 9th. We celebrated by going to the Original Pancake House with family & friends – thanks everyone who came & made it special! Photos are here.

Lastly (since I’m not regularly blogging), Jen’s Grandpa, Mel Green passed on on Sunday, April 11. I’ll do a post soon with more info on his life, in the mean time, please keep Jen’s family in your prayers.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Spring Break 2010: Catching Up

  1. Chris Stout

    Everyone’s been busy bud! Glad you and the family have been able to relax and enjoy life! Great to see you this weekend!

  2. alex

    Chris, thanks for stopping by and thanks for the help last weekend! Great to see you here and in person!

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