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At our church we use the KNOW GROW GO model for spiritual growth track; the tool that helps people move from unchurched to fully devoted followers of Christ. I seriously think sometimes, we’ve been trying to re-envision, reformulate, redefine spiritual growth for 2000 years. But honestly, culture changes, people’s values change, society changes, and if the church doesn’t figure out how to speak into the culture around it, it will become irrelevant – so I am all about re-strategizing ways to help people grow closer to Christ. That’s exactly what we’ve been up to over the past month at LifeChurch. Here’s a little insight. We changed our terminology from “Membership” to “Partnership”. Membership sounds like your going to join the local Golf Course, or Rotary Club. Partner, to me speaks of locking arms and running towards the same goal. We’ll be there for each other, the church for you, and you for the church. So we had to take a long hard look at our tools that explained membership to our people and retool it to sound more inclusive and fit with the Partnership model. I worked hard with Pastor Danny on two major projects: Partnership Classes and our SHAPE profile. Both of these grew out of the Saddleback 101-104 classes; the baseball diamond model – moving people from first base to second, etc. (kind of reminds me of dating, ugh!). Anyway, for our curriculum, we completely stripped out any terminology that didn’t fit with Partnership, and really just tried to make it as easy to understand and teach as possible. At the end of the day, we took a 20+ page booklet and shaved it down to a 13 pager, much easier to digest. We use this Partnership Booklet as our curriculum for our Partnership classes that we offer every other month. They run for 2 weeks and we offer them during the 11am hour. Now that we have updated the terminology and curriculum, we’re going to push a lot harder for people to become partners. We believe that this is a major step in their spiritual growth at LifeChurch. It is where the basics of Salvation & Baptism are shared. We share our Vision, Mission, and Strategy as a church. We cover our Doctrinal Statement (what we believe). After coming to a full understanding of what a Partner is, we ask people to sign a “Partnership Covenant” and really commit to being a part of a family at LifeChurch. And lastly we introduce the SHAPE profile. I’ll cover the SHAPE profile in my next post. But here is our Partnership curriculum and our Partnership Covenant in Word format. I’m not sure how useful it will be, but it may just help you if you are getting your feet wet in this area. Partnership@LifeChurch Teachers Manual Lifechurch Partnership Covenant What does your church do to help people join your family?

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  1. Matthew Daniel

    Whatever happened to the Blogging101 Series you were going to do? I was looking forward to some tips.


  2. alex

    Matthew – that’s coming, but what I was talking about was a live, local, ongoing blogging seminar. Of course I’d put all the info on the blog 🙂 – it’s coming…

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