Spider Battle Live!

Mondays are my new day off since Jen is off too so we spent the day doing chores around the house. Well, Jen was getting something from outside and found yet another spider! This time is was a Black Widow, cool but not cool – if you know what I mean. So I caught it & threw it in a glass to take some pictures and show Miles.

Then I went out into the garage to get something & found another Wolf Spider! I was like, what the…? So I had this crazy idea of catching and setting up a Spider Battle! I thought Miles would love it and it would be a little biology project or something. So the stage was set, as soon as Miles got home from school it would be Black Widow vs. Wolf Spider!

Well, then I was thinking we should record the battle, and then I took it to the next level and thought ‘hey, we should stream it!’, so we did! It was pretty awesome. The spiders did not want to fight for some reason. We prodded, changed arenas, anything we could do – nothing. Every once in a while the Wolf Spider would run after Black Widow and things would get exciting. We fed a pincer-bug to the Wolf Spider, which I think he appreciated. Anyway, after much prodding from our viewers, we ended the fight with some Raid. I know, so inhumane. You can watch the whole thing here: (embedded video)

Were you there?

Oh yeah, in case you’re new around here, here’s our history with spiders & bugs:

6 thoughts on “Spider Battle Live!

  1. Stephanie Stout

    Ok so I didn’t watch live but I watched it just now and man you guys have more guts then I do. I would have sprayed them first off 🙂

  2. James McLean

    top ten ways to make your blog viewing go down.
    1-10= keep putting posts up with pictures of spiders in them.

  3. Chris Stout

    Ha Ha…That was so fun. Just make sure you wash that glass like 15 times before you drink out of it again.

  4. James

    I did not watch this and would not watch this because spiders are freaky and disgusting and can paralyze me just be being within my field of vision. No venom needed. BUT, this is exactly what the blogosphere exists for in my opinion. Sheer brilliance.

    Although…Black Widow? In your back yard? Really? I would be on the phone to pest control quicker than than Steve Irwin could say “you’re a feisty little fellow”. That’s one nasty and dangerous arachnid.

  5. Kendra Watson

    Should be sleeping but I couldn’t stop watching the spider battle. You and Jen are AWESOME! Especially Jen because I wouldn’t even touch a glass with a spider in it! Loved the little robots too.

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