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Eric wrote a way better post
than I will write, but I just wanted to share about this event. I’m not really into events where pastors hang out and talk about how big their churches are, or what great new thing they are doing – the speaker from this event painted a wonderful picture of how this works. He said it’s like when dogs meet and the run around sniffing each other to find out which is the bigger dog, and whoever’s the bigger dog gets to pee on the smaller dogs… if we could only see how pathetic we are sometimes.

I really enjoyed seeing everyone and NOT sniffing their junk. Dave from Chorus, Jeff and his gang from Impact, Bryan and his crew from Tides. Bill Mallick, Don Brust, John & Sue Capellen, Richard and Vickie Oberlee (from our church), and a host of other people that I can’t recall. What I do recall though are the notes I took from our speaker, Matt Hannon. He seemed like the real deal. No bragging about how big his church was, or how successful they were, or how many campuses they have. He just shared some real heavy leadership issues from his heart & experience. I thought I’d share it here and maybe we’ll grow a bit from it (I’ll try and share it as linearly as possible).

Attributes of Leaders (CASH):

Character: who you are when you think no one is looking.
Character = purpose + practice
Purpose is Clarity – be clear on who you are and what you achieve
Practice is Consistency – be consistent on who you are and what you achieve
The biggest issue with Character is: CONTROL

Attitude: how you respond when the unexpected happens
As a leader you are an “attitude manager” – we can add either GAS or WATER on a hot spot with our attitude
– be optimistic (Christians have the license on optimism)
– be objective (be honest)
– be deliberate (critical / intentional)
– be determined (tough minded)

Skill: what you do with what you’ve been given
Skill is the most over-rated quality – Satan is the most skilled!
Most important skills: People Skills
– team building
– conflict resolution
– leadership development
(you don’t learn these skills in seminary/Bible School)

Habits: what you fall back on when the hard time comes
Holy Habits / Harmful Habits
Learn, Model & Teach Holy Habits*
Don’t be a hypocrite – “The stream does not rise higher than the source”

Other random things I wrote down:

– “God’s agenda is not a church plant, it’s YOU”
– “I am not helping God”
– 4 steps (not sure of the title)
1. Dump: let go
2. Delegate: turn loose
3. Delay: listen more
4. Do: get going

*and of course this are was what hit me the hardest. Habits that should be in my life are not, and habits that are probably shouldn’t be! I’m going to be working on this one.

What Holy Habits do you have?

4 thoughts on “Southwest Church Planters Forum

  1. James McLean

    as far as Holy Habits go i am trying (key word trying) to instill things like the Spiritual Disciplines (Richard Foster). things like simplicity, fasting, and solitude. the important thing i have to remember is that these holy habits won’t save me they only provide discipline in my life so that i can get before God better and have Him change my heart.

  2. Entiketit

    Our business in life is not to succeed but to continue to fail in high spirits.
    — Robert Louis Stevenson


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