Snow in Socal!

Me & Jen rockin the sled

Every Christmas the McLean side of the family has a tradition of getting all the brothers & sisters together. Fortunately for us we all live super close, except James, who’s in Virginia – he makes the trip each year. Normally we go to “The Happiest Place on Earth” (Disneyland), but over the past few years we’ve come to the realization that while Disneyland is alot of fun, it might not be quite the happiest place on earth, especially at $75 a pop, unbearably long lines, and crowds of people who don’t believe in daily bathing. (I’m not a Mickey Mouse hater – we’ll go back someday when we hit the lotto!).

So this year we decided to ditch Disneyland and head up to the mountains, Big Bear! Our kids were STOKED to go to the snow – it was Macy’s first real trip to the snow and we got lucky as it DUMPED just before we went up there, like 4 feet. Once we got up there it snowed again, and the next day was absolutely beautiful – perfect for sledding, which we did of course.

We had a blast with our whole family: Mamo Barbara & Papa Bob, Uncle James, Lisi & Beau, Travis & Emmy, Me & Jen, and Miles & Macy. Here’s a little slideshow from the trip – my camera ran out of batteries & I forgot the charger, but we got a few pics…

3 thoughts on “Snow in Socal!

  1. Alex's Mom

    OMIGOSH! Can’t believe you took a photo of me in my Scottie jammies! Bad…bad…boy! James had a ball with the kids! You didn’t mention who had the best run down the hill….we had a ball!

  2. Fred F. McKinnon

    snow, what’s that? My kids have never seen it – at least, not the real stuff.

    Hey, wassup w/ the partial RSS feed? and HAPPY NEW YEAR’s EVE!

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