Singing Naked

You might already know that I am taking vocal lessons from Gwyn Sanborn, a vocalist from our church. I want to sing well and correctly, not just hack through it every week. I also want to model a teachable spirit, so there you go. Today was lesson #2 and it was pretty awesome. We talked about breathing, support, dipthongs, rounding out my singing, confidence, singing on purpose, etc. I love it – I love to learn, and I love music so it’s a win-win. But…

It’s stinking awkward! I’m standing there with a giant mirror, no guitar, a microphone, and nothing else – I feel naked! And then I’m supposed to sing worship songs! It cracks me up – I spend a good portion of the lesson laughing through the songs. Today we addressed my issues with the song “Amazed”, which we are doing this weekend. I’ve got a lot of work to do, but learning some of these singing basics is really helping.

I couldn’t help but notice that walking out of the studio with guitar & laptop in hand that I felt this feeling of pride creep up – thinking “people might really wonder why I’m here, do they think I am getting guitar lessons? I know how to play!”. What a loser attitude! I can’t stand that. Lord keep me humbled constantly, please.

7 thoughts on “Singing Naked

  1. Fred

    Alex –

    I decided in college that I should take vocal lessons “just in case” I ever did something in church where I was forced to sing. My peers would stand out in the hall, outside the studio, and laugh.

    “Amazed” – no doubt, one of the most difficult songs for me to sing, as well .. not sure why, really, but there is something about it that is rough for me.

  2. jamesmclean

    ha ha, i think its funny that you are learning how to sing and i am learning how to play guitar and piano. we traded!

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  4. mandy

    i did lessons a few years ago… thankfully i never had homework like that!
    but, i might try it — sounds like a great idea.

  5. Ben Harrell

    Dude, I know exactly how you feel. That was me three years ago. Trust me, though. You’ll look back on these moments and think “Wow, it’s amazing how a step so small could bring a return so great.”

    Blessings, dude.

    I’ll see you around at

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