Simon Says…

simon.jpgJen and I love watching American Idol, and we love Simon. I know, he’s polarizing too – you either love him or hate him. What’s funny is that as people are performing, we are talking back and forth to each other, wondering what Simon will say. And we are usually right – and of course we think Simon is usually right. Is he a little rough and overtly honest? Yup, but at least he’s gonna tell you how it is.

My favorite Simon quote from last night?

While talking to Kady Malloy: “I don’t know who you could get to impersonate you… a pencil?”

Love him or hate him?

PS – Our predictions:

Guys going home this week: Garrett & Luke
Girls going home this week: Joanne &  Amy

4 thoughts on “Simon Says…

  1. James McLean

    totally! i am always commenting throughout the performance and Simon always says close to what i am saying. I think that he says what most of us are thinking but are unwilling to say.

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