Sick Day, Heroes, Politics, & Church

Another day home sick, just can’t shake this cold/cough. I’m still checking email, answering the phone every once in a while, instant messaging, and of course blogging.

What do you do when all you’re supposed to do is nothing? Well I decided to catch up on a show that I’ve never watched: Heroes. We have Netflicks, which allows you to watch shows over the internet – so I am about half way through season 1. Pretty cool show.

2007-06-13rushlimbaugh.jpgI had to run one errand today and while I was in the truck I was listening to an LA AM talk station. Started with Rush Limbaugh spouting off about how great he was for urging conservative republicans in Iowa and Texas to vote for Hillary; how much of a big shot he is for being such an influence. I mean come on. look at this guy:

Does anybody take this guy seriously?

mccain_bush_hug.jpgIn the middle of his rant we have “breaking news”: GW officially endorsing John McCain. Then I endured ten minutes of the most ridiculous hyping up session I’ve ever heard. Things like, I’ve always admired this man, he’s the right man for the job, he will be the next president, he’s got so much integrity and character. And, thank you Mr. President, you’ve always been such a great supporter and friend, blah, blah, blah. Ugh, I think I barfed in my mouth. Does anybody take these guys seriously?

Maybe this got me in a foul mood, but I started thinking about how ugly politics can be in the church. How sometimes there are unwritten rules. How some pastors/leaders get raised up on pedestals & turn into tyrants. They talk out of both sides of their mouths, preaching Gods love and grace, yet leaving a wake of damaged and hurt people in their path. Ripping on other churches/ministries/people that don’t agree with them, or are more popular/successful than them. Usually they blame everyone else for any of their personality flaws, and there’s usually a standard list of “sins” that parishoners or other leaders are labeled with: gossip, disloyalty, spiritual warfare, venomous words, poison. You’d be surprised at just how angry and vengeful people can become – within the church. And sometimes Sundays might even sound like a Rush Limbaugh show, with a little music added.

Here’s a little positive quote to wrap up my rant.

A leader should model love and servanthood and not simply preach it so that he might be loved and served.

4 thoughts on “Sick Day, Heroes, Politics, & Church

  1. eric

    uhhh…. rant much? 😉

    Nice one! Now tell me how you really feel.

  2. Auntie Em

    I LOVE HEROES We just started it to! Hey dont you have a mac tho, I thought you could only watch instantly from a PC. Can you please call me and tell him how to play it on my mac??

  3. alex

    I’m playing it through my PC… what’s up with that?

  4. James McLean

    with Bush’s approval rating what it is, i’m not sure that i would want him endorsing me. whoever ends up winning will be someone that offers something other than what Bush has done. i like these lyrics….
    “my first allegiance is not to a man, a country or a cause, my first allegiance…is to a King and a kingdom.”- Derek Webb

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