So I was looking at my fridge today and had a couple thoughts:

  1. Everybody has a fridge (well, not everybody, but you know what I mean)
  2. A fridge can say a lot about a person or family
  3. I really like our fridge even though the water doesn’t work any more…

So I thought I’d share my fridge with you. And then I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if we all shared our fridges with each other! Imagine how much we’d learn about each other and how much closer we’d be! So, here’s the deal.

  1. Take a picture of your fridge
  2. Optional (but cool) – upload your photo to the flickr “show us yer fridge” group and tag everything on your fridge. If you click on my fridge above you’ll see what I’m talkin about.
  3. Write a post about your fridge (with the picture)
  4. Link back here with Mr. Linky below – add your name in the first box, and a link to your actual post in the second box
  5. And we’ll all have a good time!

Designer. Communicator. Solutions Architect. Husband. Father of 4. Friend of God. I've dabbled in building, graphic design, worship, music, media, communications, connections, leadership, and now I'm an executive pastor at Rancho Community Church in Southern California.


  1. Booya!

    Matts last blog post..My Fridge!

  2. oops…uploaded pic and forgot to actually post about it LOL

  3. tam

    psh. people wanta see the INSIDE of your fridge!

    tams last blog post..holy moly! forgot it was friday!

  4. @tam, not this week… Jen’s working out of town & left the grocery shopping up to me!

  5. Here is what your fridge says to me. Everything is straight so you are organized. You also like wine.

    Beckys last blog post..Follow Me

  6. Oh man I’m in! I did one of these before the Mr. Linky things came about but I did it with the inside of your fridge! Hahaha. Pic coming!

    WorshipCitys last blog post..Sunday Worship Sept. 14th – Guest Worship

  7. Becky, I’d say that’s a fair assessment :)
    Conner, I waiting…

  8. Wait no longer :)

    WorshipCitys last blog post..Show us yer Fridge

  9. Thanks for this fun game! My blog post is up at
    Trying to figure out how to tagg it in the flickr photo stream

    3amJoshs last blog post..Show Us Yer Fridge

  10. Sheila

    I just got a new fridge and am happy to show it off!

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