SHOUT out to all you dad's on Father's Day


Hey all you blogger people…. um is that what you guys are called???? As you have probably guessed I am new to this blogging thing but I though it would be cool to do a guest post for Fathers Day. For those of you who don’t know me my name is Jen and I have been with Alex for 14 years and married for 8. Whew what a journey. I thought I would start this post off by letting you in on a few things that I cant stand about my husband.

10. he seems to think the bedroom floor is a suitable laundry basket.

9. he loves to leave the nasty reminisce of toothpaste spit in the sink after he brushes his teeth (honestly is it that hard to rinse with water?)

8. thanks to him i have spent hours in the bathroom screaming for someone to “BRING ME SOME TOILET PAPER”.

7. he cant keep his hands off of his girlfriend -(otherwise know as MAC).

6. he never likes his dinner when we go out to eat (wait maybe that’s a complement to my cooking… ?)

5. “You never told me that”……. need I say more

4. “Who needs a schedule I keep it all up here”…. as he taps his head….. um yeah right!

3. he loves the history channel….. SNORE!

2. he has the urge to twitter no matter when or where……(this one drives me nuts… sorry all you twitts. But it did help us out the other night…. Thanks Steve:).

1. “wait, I have to find my wallet”….. this occurs on a daily basis…. sometimes twice in the same day.

My point? Despite all of my husbands idiosyncrasies I love him more than words or actions could ever express. He is my everything. Not only is he a wonderful husband but he is an amazing father to our children. He has a good heart and has dedicated his life to serving the Lord. As a women there is nothing greater or sexier than a man who love’s Jesus, and love’s his family. Men I encourage you today to go give your wife the biggest, messiest, passionate kiss and just reminder her of your commitment and love to her and your family. In return I pray that God will fill your heart with overwhelming joy and that your father’s day gift will not be a material possession, but an everlasting blessing of love and respect from your family. If you are not a dad yet I encourage you to make your dad’s day and give him a hug or a jingle to let him know you love him.

Thank you to all of you men out there who make our world a better place. I pray that God will give you a great restful day.

To my husband- thank you for your love and commitment to our family even when its not easy. You are my best friend and the love of my life. I know life will bring us new joys and much trials but I cant imagine going through any of them without you. You bring so much light and fun into our family and I just want you to know that I love you and you still light my fire!!!! Now take my advise and come give me a kiss!


Thanks for letting me share. Have a great Dad’s Day !

Proverbs 9:19

6 thoughts on “SHOUT out to all you dad's on Father's Day

  1. alex

    OK, here’s my list:

    10. er, guilty as charged.
    9. I’m doing my part to save the environment.
    8. Totally not true.
    7. MAC people, come to my rescue?
    6. She knows what I like.
    5. I do have selective memory…
    4. No comment.
    3. history channel is AMAZING, there’s no arguing that point!
    2. twitter people, come to my rescue?
    1. am I the only guy that can’t stand having to carry a wallet in my back pocket? It’s such a pain in my a… well you know what I mean.

    Some additional thoughts:
    – you can all call me McDreamy after checking out that picture.
    – my wife is the best! I totally married up!
    – this is the BEST father’s day present ever.
    – my wife should DEFINITELY be blogging regularly (I think if we get enough comments here, she just might consider it!)

  2. Chris Stout

    10. I’m guilty of that too
    9. Sorry, he was practing saving water. “All hands are reminded to conserve Potable Water.
    8. Hmm, funny. I’ve been doing that lately.
    7. Hey, girlfriends save lives! Remember going to the NAB in Vegas? Girlfriend was there every turn!
    6. We need to start cooking more
    5. I never remember that
    4. That’s what I have a AT&T 8525 for that I never use
    3. History Channel can be okay man, but Jen’s right. LOL Military Channel/NFL Channel/CBS are so much more exciting.
    2. I know it keeps me awake
    1. Usually that’s my keys.

    Okay man, don’t know if I helped ya or not. Thanks for the post Jen. Hopefully you and Stephanie will be doing it more often!

  3. heather

    Too funny!! Jen, you are so cool…..I am lovin the picture of you and Alex!

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