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  1. May the force be with you young Miles Mclean… He’s gonna go crazy!!!!!!! I’m gonna need a picture of his face when he opens it up.

    Peters last blog post..Books I’m Reading…

  2. 1 more reason I need a new console! Great, thanks alot!
    What’d he think of the new animated movie?!?!

    WorshipCitys last blog post..LifeShare 7 Day Challenge Hijack

  3. Ha ha “…we’ll have to get that when it come out. Do you know when that is?” LOL Nice play off tonight buddy!

    Chris Stouts last blog post..Relay for Life

  4. he will like my card then, if i can get it sent here soon. :(

    James McLeans last blog post..Honesty

  5. WOO HOO!! We were going to go with the star wars theme when we picked out his present and Brando found something else he told me Miles would like. I hope he’s right ;o)

  6. Run the Star Wars theme into the restroom usage…Lincoln Brewster told me he did that.

    One was called C3PeeHole
    I just had an idea, the other one you could call Poobaca.


    jordan fowlers last blog post..Jonathan Edwards Quote on Music

  7. Jordan you have a dirty mind… and I like it

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