Seth Godin’s Got Your Back or Trust: Another Leadership Must


From Seth Godin’s post:

“I’ve got your back” – These are the words that entrepreneurs, painters, artists, statesmen, customer service pioneers and writers need to hear.

Without a safe environment, there will be no creativity or innovation. What there will be is a stale, no-nonsense, get-er-dun, attitude. Mistakes will be few, and so will ideas. Artists will always paint inside the lines, singers will sing only the melody, and musicians will never wander from what’s written.

Maybe that’s what you want, that’s ok too. Just don’t expect to create anything new or inspire people to expand their horizons.

I’m learning that in order to foster creativity, there must be trust. Creative people are sharing what most keep hidden. If they feel safe, respected, and trusted the ideas and innovations will flow. Once that trust is broken, they shut down.

So take some advice from Seth and create an environment of trust and watch creation happen.

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  1. James

    yep this is why micro management is so horrible for any workplace.

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