Scottish Week: Thursday

2 words: Bagpipes & Drums. Where would we be without ’em. For me, when I hear them, especially live, I get chills. I’ve heard stories, not sure if they’re true or not, that in the “olden times” they used to send the pipe bands out in front of the other troops and as they began to play and march, the sight and sound of them would send the enemy running. That’s awesome.

Here for your listening & viewing pleasure:

This one’s from the Edinburgh Military Tattoo (no not bloody ink!)

Of course the infamous Amazing Grace on bagpipes (this from the movie Amazing Grace)

And lastly, Scotland the Brave, the other unofficial Scottish National Anthem

These guys are not Scottish, they’re Swiss. This one’s for my buddy Peter, proving that the Swiss don’t just make watches, chocolate, & cheese.

And now a funny Scottish family story. My Grandpa George McLean (rip) was known for his, er, shall we say, temper. As he got older things used to annoy him, especially younger people who would blast their rock & roll and rap music. So he used to say that he would pull up next to them, roll down his windows, and blast the pipes & drums as loud as his stereo would go! Cheers.

4 thoughts on “Scottish Week: Thursday

  1. James McLean

    it did it again, it looks scary, like an M. Night movie.

    no love for Scottish week?
    Man your readers do not support our heritage, i’m hurt. 🙁

    maybe everyone is on vacation or something.

  2. alex

    ok, sorry. I must have plugged the html into the visual editor instead of the html editor… doh!

  3. Becka

    I support your heritage, maybe that’s because I have a little of the Scottish blood in me too. I have throughly enjoyed Scottish Week, I must say! And seeing pictures of your outting to the Highland Games last weekend, brought fond memories of when I was blessed to be included in the McLean Family day at the games. Emily and Lizzie danced beautifully! A day I have never forgotten, and always wanted my kids to take my kids to the games at least once. 🙂

  4. Amie

    I always get chocked up when I hear them, they sound so mournful. I do like watching the kilts go by, I always wonder… if they are sans or not. Morbid curiosity I guess.

    Amies last blog post..I Pledge

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