Scott Slocum: How to be a Missional Church/Leader

Scott Slocum is one of the speakers here at the CMA District Conference in Riverside, CA. Here’s my notes from his talk this morning.

“Adapting and reformulating absolutely everything we do in worship, discipleship, community, and service, so as to be engaged with the non-Christian society around it.” – Tim Keller

Why does the Church today need to be “Missional”?

To get back to the roots of the Church, the New Testament birth of the Church, where the Church only knew a missional approach.

We don’t live in a world of “Christendom” any longer. In the past our culture has been conservative/traditional and churches sought to show how Jesus fit nicely into people’s conservative lifestyles. That culture is shrinking, yet the church is still trying to find those people and fit Jesus into their lifestlye. As the target gets smaller we have to look outside this target.

How does the Church become Missional?

Any church that will be a Missional Church must have a leader that has arrived at a point of personal discontent that results in a desire to change and the courage to lead.

Without personal change, the pastor/leader is trying to sell a product that he doesn’t believe in himself, which if practiced by his followers will either fail or lead to confrontation and disharmony.

1. Missional Leaders learn and continue to ask the right questions.

2. Missional Leaders live unashameddly authentic lives which connects with lost people.
– Missional leaders are going to be honest with grey answers.
– Missional leaders practice a lifestyle that spends time with lost people.

3. Missional Leaders model the plan and the attitude of the church.
– Easter pre-service 8 weeks in advance to encourage people
– If you have been a Christian for 10 years or longer, you are the least effective in bringing lost people to Christ

4. Missional Leaders take time to listen while continuing to move forward.
– Create avenues to hear what you don’t want to hear

5. Missional Leaders don’t shy away from making hard decisions.

6. Missional Leaders aren’t afraid to confront people after making hard decisions.
– People need time to change
– Christians are notorious for destructive behavior while going through change.
– Swiftly with love missional leaders confront people who create disharmony and dissention
– God has not called us to purify the church
– It’s not ok for people to leave because of our incompetance

7. Missional Leaders are running out in front of the church.

8. Missional Leaders accept that missional leaders requires work, sacrifice and personal discomfort.

3 thoughts on “Scott Slocum: How to be a Missional Church/Leader

  1. Chris Stout

    Wow. I would have to say that I agree with those. I think John and you do an extremely good ‘job’ at those.

    on a side note, I think I was calling you right in the middle of your conference…and John, and Karl…I hope I didn’t interupt. 🙂

  2. James McLean

    this is great. i think it all must start with admitting that the North American Christian Church is fundamentally broken and not achieving the goal that Jesus set out for us. Scott says some great things about how we need to get back to the early church (not beards and biblical garb) they lived this! they were the church at all times! it wasn’t something they went to.
    I also like how he mentioned about us trying to fit Jesus into our lifestyle, this can never work, Jesus did not come to make us a better version of ourselves but to remake us entirely. Our lives make so much sense and mean a lot more when we stop trying so hard and let Jesus live through us. Great post!

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