Same Sex Marriage in California

gay marriage same sex marriage
How will the church (Christians) react to this news? How should they?

Here’s some links of possible interest:
“Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”

Focus on the Family’s response
‘The justices have undermined and endangered the basic building block of society.’
‘The Alliance for Marriage Foundation says the decision has “struck down marriage.” All because the ruling would allow the 2% of the population who are gay to marry’

10 reasons Christians should support Gay Marriage

There’s millions of commentators, bloggers, critics, pastors, haters, lovers, out there trying to make heads or tails of this issue. I’m interested in hearing what this community has to say about it…

[I guess I need to say that I won’t make a judgment call on any of those links I put in the post, they are there for informational purposes only]

3 thoughts on “Same Sex Marriage in California

  1. James McLean

    well i don’t expect too many people to agree with me but….in a fallen and sinful world…what do you expect? It was only a matter of time before this happened in CA. The thing is, as Christians, how do we properly combat this? Is it best to take legal action? Do we protest? Do we get angry at homosexuals?

    The thing that needs to change is their heart and that can’t happen until they have Jesus, and that can’t happen until the church goes to them and loves them and shows them a new way to live, the way of Jesus. The behavior will follow, because when Jesus shows up things change.

  2. Amie Charney

    I heard an interesting commentary on this… he said, why not? It will raise the GDP in California and bring us out of debt and help the economy…. think of all the billions of dollars the wedding industry brings in… the event, the clothes, the gifts, the travel… and then, think of all the revenue from the divorces…

    Although the commentary was tounge in cheek…I think it is telling about where our society is at. What I think is truly the bigger problem…the Supreme Court overturned the vote and will of the people…. well over the majority (65% against I think)… talk about legislation from the bench… that is scarier in some ways then gay marriage.

  3. alex

    That’s a point that hasn’t been discussed much Amie. Right or wrong it was the will of the majority. hum…

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