7 thoughts on “Ruth Green 1925-2009

  1. Sarah Fuentes-Caffrey

    I am so saddened by this news. I have many fond memories of my time with Great Grandma Green. I wish I could have seen her one last time or at least said goodbye. My heart goes out to the rest of the family and those fortunate enough to have known her. I will continue to check the site to see when the services will be held in hopes that I can make it. Take care of each other…..especially Grandpa Mel, I am sure his heart is breaking.

  2. Jennifer McLean

    My grandma was a truly special lady. She will be terribly missed. We are certain that she is with the Lord and is dancing, singing and playing her organ. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Sarah so good to see you here. We hope to see you. Grandma loved you and your family very much. Please continue to pray for our family and especially my grandpa- Mel. We love you grandma and your memory will forever be in our hearts.

  3. Bob

    I was priveleged to have known Rudy. She reminded me alot of my mother in that she never had an unkind thing to say about anyone. Always a hug and a smile no matter what and I know these last couple of years were difficult for her due to failing health but she was a trooper. It took alot to keep her away from church and she would force herself to go. She also was quite a character and I enjoyed joking with her and hearing her laugh. I will miss her but I will never forget her. She touched my life and many others I know. I look forward to the day when we will meet again in Heaven.

  4. Bob McLean

    Sorry, I forgot to put my full name. Still not very good at this blog stuff. Thanks Alex for having this way to share things. Love, Dad

  5. Kevin

    I would like to say thanks to all that have helped through this hard time. Our Grandma was a very special woman that touched us all in so many different ways. It is nice to see all of your comments of gratitude and appreciation of my Grandma’s life. She was a wonderful wife, mother, daughter, sister, grandma, great-grandma, great-great grandma…… We all will truley miss her until we see her again. Love you Grandma!

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