Road Trip?

We’ve been getting the itch to go on a road trip. But not just any road trip, a 5000 mile, 14 state, 15 day road trip! Now, we’re still not sure if this is really going to happen – but we’re moving ahead like it will.

Here’s a quick look at our plan, which of course is subject to change:

  • Day 1 – drive to Cedar City, Utah
  • Day 2 – drive to Stapleton, Colorado
  • Day 3 – in Stapleton
  • Day 4 – drive to Kansas City, Missouri (or all the way to St. Louis)
  • Day 5 – drive to St. Louis
  • Day 6 – drive to Decatur, Alabama
  • Day 7 – in Decatur
  • Day 8 – drive up to Nashville, Tennessee
  • Day 9 – drive to Mobile, Alabama
  • Day 10 – drive to New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Day 11 – drive to Dallas, Texas
  • Day 12 – in Dallas
  • Day 13 – drive to Amarillo, Texas
  • Day 14 – drive to Phoenix, Arizona
  • Day 15 – drive back to SoCal

We want to reach out to our blogging friends and ask for your help:

  • If you live in or near some of these areas, what are some ‘must see’ things? We’re looking for fun things to do as a family, funky places to check out, you know what I mean…
  • Maybe you live in some of our stops and just want to do a quick meet up? We’re looking forward to meeting some of our blogging friends face to face.
  • Any advice on taking a 6 year old and a 3 year old across 5,000 miles of Americana?
  • And lastly, my birthday is March 10 – we think we’ll celebrate in Nashville on Monday, March 9. We’re hoping to hook up with whoever is around the area that evening and just hang out.

So, I’m setting up a Road Trip page where we’ll keep everyone updated on the preparation & the trip – of course we’ll twitter all the way as well. Chris is gonna let me borrow his D90 so we should get some sweet photos. Please feel free to either comment here, or there.

15 thoughts on “Road Trip?

  1. Alex's Mom

    Advice on 3 and 6 year old on a road trip – lot’s of aspirin for you and Jen and Benadryl for them – ha! Remember our month long road trip to Toronto when you were a little nipper?

  2. eric

    Tips on taking a 3 yr. old and a 6 yr. old cross country?.. don’t. Just kidding. 😉 Should be fun. Wish we could come with.

    Hey, if you’re going to be in Kansas City, you’ve got to… umm… well there’s always the… hmmm. Yeah, not a whole lot there other than Coon hunting and Cow tipping. You can say ‘hi’ to my family in Garnett though. It’s 18 degrees right now, so bring a jacket.

    Seriously, if you’re in Alabama, you’ve got to stop by and say ‘hey’ to Mark Peacock. He’s in Birmingham. His Church is pretty amazing and he’d probably even let you stay the night in his office (home office with a bed and everything). Have a blast!!!

    erics last blog post..Tech Team Madness

  3. alex

    Vince – I think I’d need a rocket ship to do that – of course we both know that the laws of physics don’t necessarily apply to pastors (or is that church planters?).

    Jeff – yer on the list!

    Mom – are you telling us all to medicate to have a great trip? yer hippie days are showing through!

  4. James McLean

    i forget if i saw this on a family road trip or another trip but the texas schoolbook depository has a museum and you can see the location where JFK was shot in Dallas. i know that is not really fun for the kiddies and maybe not even of interest to anyone but me. i am a huge history guy though and it is interesting to see. umm i don’t know, ok i am gonna shut up now.

    James McLeans last blog post..A Timeline of Grace

  5. Conner

    New Orleans! ….or….Baton Rouge?!?! I mean you’re probably driving right through it on I10!!
    Regardless, tons to do in New Orleans and here. Will get you some things to do!

    Conners last blog post..Getting LOST with the Jughead

  6. chriswhill

    let’s see here…Nashville is dear to my heart. Love that place.

    The Bluebird Cafe is a must stop. Your kids would love a little place called Las Paletas. They make gourmet popsicles….yeah….they’re awesome. I mean where else can you get a homemade strawberry chocolate chip or a pineapple chili popsicle?

    I’ll keep working on a short list. TN is a great place to spend the b-day.

    chriswhills last blog post..The Wilderness of Church 2.0

  7. chriswhill

    Been workin on a Nashville list. Here are the top spots according to my bud Jason Cox:

    BB Kings (Downtown – great live music)
    Cock Of The Walk – (Amazing fried Catfish – over near Opryland Hotel)
    S.A.T.C.O – (Great cheap tex-mex place on Vanderbuilt Campus. Cool vibe.)
    Loveless Cafe – (Bit of a drive but great.)

    Places to Visit –
    Opryland Hotel (Beautiful – can spend hours just walking around. Free also if you park in mall area and walk to hotel.)
    Bluebird Cafe (Great live music)
    Country Music Hall of Fame (Cost money but if you love country music, it’s great.)
    Nashville Zoo – (For Kids)
    Lower Broadway downtown at night (Not really for kids, but great live music, bands, bars, karaoke, Toostsies, Legends, ect.)
    Dan McGuiness (Kind of like a pub with amazing food)
    Historic Downtown Franklin Tennessee (Nice place to walk around, little shops, ice cream, ect.)

    chriswhills last blog post..Who’s Driving Who?

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