Road Trip | The Calm Before the Storm…


Today was Grandma Rudy’s Memorial service. It was a wonderful & stressful event at the same time. I’ll post on it soon. But we’re finally home & beginning to get ready for tomorrow. We’ve got a 6.5 hour drive (probably more like 8hrs) from Murrieta, Ca to Cedar City, Ut – right through Vegas.

So as of 8:24pm here’s where we stand…

  • Items packed – 0
  • Cell plan changed to unlimited data – check (so we can priceline our way across America)
  • Gas tank full – check
  • Oil changed – check
  • Car washed – half check (Jen got it washed at the carwash on Cal Oaks in Murrieta & they basically wiped it down = $20. We won’t be going back there, ever)
  • Power Inverter – check (purchased from Walmart yesterday for only $18)
  • Ipod loaded with “Road Trip” music – nope
  • Car cleaned out from today’s running around – nope
  • Bills paid – nope (we’ll be doing that on the road)
  • Laundry to do? yup
  • Kids in bed? nope
  • Bathed? yup

So, I’m off to get things going around here for tomorrow. We’re probably not going to be leaving at 6am like we had planned, but hopefully we can get out of here before it gets too late.

We’ll be twittering (#mcroadtrip) and adding photo’s to our photostream along the way – so stay up to date with us as we hit 14 states in 14 days!

3 thoughts on “Road Trip | The Calm Before the Storm…

  1. Pokeyasd

    I’ve done that trip, but farther into the center of Utah. It took us more like 11 hrs to get to Zion, Good Luck making Ceder City in 8 with kids! 😀

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