Road Trip America | Day 8

Monday, March 9th, 2009
Today was a good day of just hanging out in Decatur, Alabama with Jen’s dad, her Grandma, & his 6 dogs. We all woke up late & just hung out while the kids played with the puppies. I guess I should explain – Jen’s dad has miniature dachshunds and he just recently had puppies, three of them: Fat Boy, Junior, & Baby Girl. The kids LOVED them and played with them at every chance they had. Miles liked Fat Boy the best and almost talked Papa Bob into taking him home.

We wanted to get some culture for lunch and eat somewhere local for lunch so Jen’s dad took us to Tony’s Country Cookin’. I drank about 6 glasses of sweet tea and had a mushroom burger with brown gravy. I also ordered a side of cornbread which was more like a giant cruton, but other than that lunch was great.

After lunch, Bob drove us around some cool parts of Decatur & showed us some of the homes & buildings that were over 100 years old – I took a bunch of pictures. (some below)

After that, we all went home and took naps – awesome.

That night we headed out to celebrate my birthday – Jen’s dad took us out to Kyoto Japanese Grill. We had a total blast – the whole staff was awesome and we had an amazing meal.

Miles & Macy loved watching the chef cook our meal in front of us.

Macy screamed bloody murder when this happened – it was sad and funny at the same time.

I had such a cool birthday dinner, all the way in Alabama! Thanks so much Bob!

Side note: this post was written in Amarillo, Texas at the Baymont Hotel – a “supposed” 2 1/2 star hotel (at least that’s what Priceline says). We were supposed to have 2 queens & we ended up with a King and a sofa-bed; not great for a family of four. There’s no elevator, I know, huh? And there’s no alarm clock. It’s really weird.