Road Trip America | Day 4 (part 2)

So, this is where the trip started changing a little from our original plan – but it was all good. Bare with me because it’s Day 6 and I’m trying to catch up.

As we were driving through Kansas, I hooked up to the internet via my phone & laptop and had a chance to chat with a bunch of friends and post a blog post. At some point Jen and I switched up – I drove and she jumped on the computer to start pricelining us a room. Originally we were thinking of pushing all the way to St. Louis from Denver – SHA! So Jen began looking at our plan B – Kansas City. She asked where we should look for a room, and I just said, let’s try and get downtown…

See we’re kind of like ‘downtown people’. When we were in Denver, we loved downtown – and we learned about LoDo (Lower Downtown Denver) too late to clock some time there. I’ve always loved San Francisco, Gas Lamp – San Diego, Old Town – Temecula, etc. We just love the lights, big buildings, cool places to hang out, etc. Anyway, long story short: Jen got us a $220 room for only $60, Score! It was at the Westin in Kansas City.

Here’s a view from our room on the 12th floor!

Crown Center - Kansas City, MO #mcroadtrip on TwitPicThis place was so cool! Even though we pulled in at like 9 or 10pm – as soon as we checked in we ventured out and explored. We didn’t even know it, but the hotel is attached to this really cool mall called the Crown Center as well as Kansas City’s Union Station. We spent about an hour just walking all over & checking the place out.

I think we finally turned in to catch some serious Z’s. We thought we were going to wake up early and leave for St. Louis…