Road Trip America | Day 4 (part 1)


Driving through Kansas. You’d think there wouldn’t be too much to say. Not so…

  • It’s windy, really windy. Tumble weeds blowing all over the place. Jen can barely keep the Suzuki on the road.
  • It’s hot! That’s right 80 degrees!
  • Read about Kansas on Wikipedia and we learned a ton! One little tidbit: Kansas is actually NOT the flattest state in the US (it’s more like the 20th to 30th). Another one – Kansas holds the record for the 5th hottest state – number 1? California.
  • The State Troopers were on us like… well you know how the saying goes. Jen was driving, and she was doing real close to the speed limit. We could just tell that they were looking for a reason to pull over a California driver. I guess we got lucky (so far so good!).
  • Found a Red Box at a McDonald’s right off the freeway – score!
  • We stopped at a local Walmart to pick up a new power-inverter (the one I got stopped working or something). Anyway, I saw a one-armed cart person. My checkout guy was named Bob. He knew everyone who came through the check stand, except me of course. And as I was exiting the store, I looked at my phone and 2 good ol’ boys were walking towards me – one of them said, “Is that some kind of GPS? Did y’all lose yer car in the parking lot?”.
  • Haven’t seen a California plate since we left Colorado.

Yeah, we’re in the Heartland…

4 thoughts on “Road Trip America | Day 4 (part 1)

  1. Will Young

    This was great. Made me chuckle. Wishing you guys continued safe travels.

  2. kim bontrager

    I’ve lived in Kansas for almost 15 years now. A few things I’ve learned:
    – the natives are the people chasing the tornadoes or on top of their houses trying to take video
    – the wind. you never ever ever get used to it.
    – I didn’t have allergies until I moved here. it’s a full array of grasses here in the heartland.

    BUT… the sky is amazing. The sky will win you over here. Today, the day you’re driving through, isn’t that striking. But if you were to see one of the clear blue sky days…. amazing. Or, watching a storm roll in, over, and away. Unbelievable.

    If you remember any of Rich Mullins’ songs that referenced the prairies, etc… he was writing under this sky. 🙂

    kim bontragers last blog post..The Bad Apples.

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