Road Trip America | Day 3

road-trip-usaSo day 3 was our day in Denver with our friends, the Smiths. Jimmy and I have been friends for quite a while now – we worked together at Life Church for a few years and have stayed connected ever since. Jen & Amanda were good friends as well and we all used to hang out when they lived in Temecula. Jimmy is now the executive pastor at a church in Stapleton, Colorado.

So here’s a little mind-dump of our day in Denver.

  • Our complimentary breakfast, rocked: Rice Crispies, Fruit Loops, scrambled eggs, English muffins, bananas, apples, coffee, apple juice, orange juice. All of this while watching the local business people walking to work – it was awesome!
  • Jen just about had a heart attack each time we got in the elevators. I think they’re the original elevators from when the hotel was built at least 100 years ago?! They randomly stop at floors, the push-buttons get stuck, and it always jerks to a stop after the first floor. Needless to say, the kids LOVED it!
  • Our room was on the 14th floor, which Miles absolutely LOVED. We had a corner room with a rounded window all the way around that looked over downtown. The kids loved looking out it.
  • We had 1 king-size bed… enough said.
  • The Children’s Museum was AMAZING! We went there with the Smiths and their two girls and they pretty much spent the entire morning there. I took a bunch of pictures.
  • We headed over to Stapleton for Lunch – Anthony’s Pizza. The kids chowed, as did we. Stapleton is a cool little community – all new & trendyish.
  • After lunch it was naptime, so we headed over to the Smith’s & put the kids down. Jimmy & I went to check out his office & peruse the closing down Circuit City – no deals.
  • When we got back to the Smith’s we spent about an hour trying to find a babysitter for the kids with no luck – so we decided to head back into Downtown – 16th Street.
  • Walk down 16th Street, some downtown Denver culture.
  • Dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery (highly recommended).
  • Dessert at Johnny Rocket’s (not so highly recommended)
  • Walked through the lobby of the Brown Palace.
  • And then we ended the evening by watching LOST (a whole hour before all our west-coast friends – awesome!)
  • A great day!

I’ll post pictures along with all this as soon as I get a reliable fast internet connection…