Road Trip America | Day 2


It’s 7:53pm in Denver, Colorado and we just got the kids cleaned and in bed while we watched (and are watching) LOST. So now it’s time to bring everyone up to speed on the road trip. Last time we talked, we were in Cedar City, Utah. Well, we woke up Tuesday Morning, and looked outside to see snow all around us! It was dark when we got into Cedar City so we didn’t know what it looked like.


We got on the road at about 9:30am, headed to our half-way stop in Grand Junction, Colorado. Well, it was a long, tough drive through the desertish landscape of Utah. During that time, my cell phone died, and I couldn’t get it charged (thus the lack of twitters). When we finally got to Grand Junction, we grabbed some lunch/dinner, tanked up, and let the kids play in a park for a while before heading out again.


Jen took the wheel as we left Grand Junction, and ended up driving the whole second haul to Denver. This was an amazing drive as we headed up into the mountains. The sun was setting, but we actually got to see quite a bit of scenery. Unfortunately by the time we reached the summit area, it was pitch black – so we couldn’t really see places like Vail or Siverthorne. We stopped somewhere up there at an A&W & got a couple root beer floats.

After that stop, we headed down the mountain into Denver, where our friend, Jimmy, had gotten us a sweet deal at a hotel right in downtown. We checked in, unpacked, and got the kiddos into bed by about 9:30pm – not bad at all for covering over 500 miles that day. Jimmy and I then spent a couple hours catching up & reminiscing about the few years in ministry we spent together.

I know we’re a day behind – I’ll try and catch up tomorrow when we try and make it all the way to Kansas City. We’ll get our pictures up too, but our internet is a little sketchy right now.