Road Trip America | Day 15

The Radisson had “Sleep Number” beds – which have some kind of blow up function for each side to “blow up” to your liking. We thought this was cool. That is until about 5:30am in the morning when both kids were awake (welcome to Pacific Standard Time). Both Jen and I were like, “did you sleep?”, and both of us said, “no!”. So here we were sleeping on these supposedly amazing beds and they were totally uncomfortable. Actually I’m glad we had a chance to check em out, cuz now I’ll never purchase one.

But we did have a cool morning in Flagstaff. We headed over to “Macy’s” a local coffee house, that we just had to hit because of the name. It was a cool little local joint across the street from Beaver Street Brewery. The atmosphere was very cool, as was the presentation, but probably a little too nice (or something) for us – especially with the kiddos. And the biggest bummer was that when I was only 1/2 way done with my coffee, I had to take Macy to the bathroom and the waitress took my cup! We were too ready to get the kids out of there to complain. But it was a cool place.

After Macy’s, we drove around looking for a place to eat breakfast. We ended up at Cafe Espress – another cool little local place. Breakfast was good. Then it was back to the hotel for showers, packin’ up, & heading out for California…

We got on the road to the remainder of our drive home through Arizona, then into California, and home to Murrieta. The day was pretty uneventful – we stopped in Needles for some quick lunch, then in Barstow for some gas – then it was a straight shot home.

Once we got out of the mountains near Flagstaff, the drive was pretty blan, through desert, road construction, and varying speed limits. But we rolled into the Temecula Valley right around 6pm, and it was good to be home.

Rather than reflect on the trip here – I’ll do another post soon with some post road trip thoughts. Thanks to everyone who followed us through the trip – we had a total BLAST!

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  1. Peter

    What a trip! I just got done reading all of your adventures (tells you what my day was like). Like I will always say you hava tremendous gift at incorporating and connecting people with your life, thanks for letting me in and to be apart of the process… I can’t wait for our road trip in June… its gonna be off the hook!

    Peters last blog post..What I do not deserve

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