Road Trip America | Day 13

Part 1:

Today we slept in a little – caught up on some rest; the water park kicked our butts! We ended up getting out of our hotel by around 10am – with a great plan (well at least I thought so). I had looked up the nearest Red Box to exchange the movies we’ve had since Kansas! I also looked up the local Cracker Barrel to “put away some groceries” as Jen’s dad says it. So I punched it into Jen’s GPS on her phone and we were off. Long story short, an hour later we were at Cracker Barrel with the same movies we’d had since Kansas…

An excellent breakfast/lunch made up for the terrible GPS directions. Then it was onto Amarillo (the Yellow Rose of Texas). Not much to say about the drive – Jen drove, I navigated & pricelined a room in Amarillo; not as easy as it sounds.

We stopped at Sonic in Electra for happy hour. Just a little FYI for all you future road trippers out there: Ice Cream in the car – not a good idea.

We missed the coolest Rest Stop EVER!

And, I’m probably breaking our good karma, but thus far we’ve manage to elude the infamous State Trooper!

Part 2:



Well we made it Amarillo in about 6 hours – perfect! My excellent Atlas skills, combined with Google Maps, and Jen’s GPS phone got us there with no U-turns. But that’s where the good news ends… Here’s a little breakdown of the evening:

  • Got to the hotel – it was what Jen & call, a “dive”.
  • We decided to go check out the town before the sun went down…
  • GPS’d a place that sounded cool
  • Drove for 1/2 hour and ended up nowhere
  • GPS’d another place, DUMB!
  • Drove back to the hotel to go to a place that looked ok
  • It had an hour wait, DUMB!
  • Drove a few minutes to another place
  • No wait, great service, so/so food
  • Back to the hotel
  • Miles fell off a nightstand jumping from bed to sofa to nightstand – not smart. He learned his lesson (poor little guy – he’s totally fine)
  • Kids didn’t want to go to sleep tonight, you know how annoying that can be when everyone’s tired (Macy was sleeping with her hat on, so it was hard to be too hard on em)
  • Everyone’s asleep now and I am wishing I was too, but have this pressure to catch up on the ol blog

So that’s the quick version. We’re still having a total blast, even if the GPS works 50% of the time (hey we got along fine without it the first half of the trip). Tomorrow we wake up early to try and make some time & get to Flagstaff early (with a short stop in Albuquerque, New Mexico).

Thanks to all who’ve been following us – we’re almost home!

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