Road Trip America | Day 12

Side note: I’m trying to catch up, and thus, things are a little out of order. But do not fear, I will get everything up eventually, including the missing days & photos that go along with some of these posts. It’s actually a lot of work to blog during vacation.

Let’s start with this: I got like 2 hours sleep last night after spending the day running my butt off, chasing Miles & Macy all through the Great Wolf water park. Macy woke up with an earache & she tossed and turned all night, and guess who she wanted: Daddy. Of course I had promised Miles that we could go back to the water park in the morning and both him and his sister were ready to go as soon as they woke up. So off we were again. I’m not complaining – it was awesome to have so much fun with them and Jen’s parents.

We ended up getting out of the resort around lunchtime, so we headed over to Uncle Buck’s for lunch – it was so/so. After lunch we walked through the Bass Pro Shop, where Papa bought bought Miles (& Tristen) a camo sweatshirt, and Macy a “pink” hat (which they’ve both worn every day since).

After the Dead Animal Zoo, I mean the Bass Pro Shop, we headed down into old town Grapevine to check out some local wine. It was pouring rain & Macy was still not 100%, so I hung out in the car while she watched her movie – yup, I took one for the team. Jen & her parents & Miles visited a couple places that they said were pretty amazing.

The view from the window of our hotel room

Then we hit the road for Fort Worth, where we were planning on heading to the Stockyard? Jen had pricelined a room at the Sheraton in downtown. As soon as we checked in it was naptime for me & the kids while Jen & her mom went & checked out the area. Well, I guess since it was raining, the girls didn’t find much to do at the Stockyard – they both said “DUMB!”. By this time we all were hungry and ready to stretch our legs so we headed downtown.

A cool mural downtown in Fort Worth, TX

Once again, the downtown area did NOT disappoint! We ate at a place called Daddy Jacks – awesome food. I wish we could have gotten into Fort Worth a few hours earlier because the downtown area was awesome – especially at night. We could hear live music coming out of a few places, but we were all too tired and it was too late to do much. We walked through the town a bit (in the rain) and stopped in at Barnes & Noble to peruse & get some Starbucks. Then it was back to the hotel and to bed. Tomorrow we had a good drive ahead of us to Amarillo, Texas.

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  1. James McLean

    ha ha Bass Pro Shop, yeah man people eat that place up down here. I don’t get it, but then again I was never really the huntin’ fishin’ type.

    James McLeans last blog post..A Timeline of Grace

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