Road Trip America | Day 1

Well, we finally got out of Murrieta today at 12 noon straight up. That was after stops to Costco, AAA, Sprint, and the local Red Box (we are going to Red Box our way across the USA).

We had a smooth drive and didn’t have to stop until Barstow. We hit up the local Starbucks, not really – all we did was our business.

Then we got back on the road and high-tailed it to Vegas, where we stopped for dinner. We showed the kids the Lions at the MGM & had dinner at the Rain Forrest Cafe.

So far so good. That was as far as Jen & I had ever gone together. For me, that began the fun part. I don’t know what it is, but I love adventure, the “great wide open”. Unfortunately it was dark when we left so we couldn’t really see what we were driving through. Tomorrow should be amazing – I’ve heard the drive through Colorado is amazing.

Our plan is to get to Grand Junction for lunch & visit the area for a bit, then back on the road to Denver. We’re hoping to get into Denver in time for some dinner with our great friends, the Smith’s.

Oh yeah, and the kids did amazingly well and they’re having a total blast!

So before I leave you tonight, I thought I’d share some tidbits about Cedar City, Utah, where we are spending the night:

  • Cedar City was originally settled in late 1851 by Mormon pioneers
  • The site, known as “Fort Cedar” or “Cedar City,” was equidistant from vast iron deposits 10 miles (16 km) west and coal resources 10 miles (16 km) up Cedar Canyon, but was named after the abundant local trees (which are actually Junipers instead of Cedar)
  • Cedar City continues to be a center of tourism, commercial development, education and the arts in southwestern Utah
  • According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 20.1 square miles (52.0 km²), none of which is covered with water
  • As of the census[1] of 2000, there were 20,527 people, 6,486 households, and 4,682 families residing in the city

All that info was from Wikipedia.

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5 thoughts on “Road Trip America | Day 1

  1. heather

    HAve the most wonderful time! Tell Amanda Smith Heather Clack says hello…Thanks for journaling this trip. I am not at all coveting right now..HAHA
    Love ya guys..

  2. James

    Dude, I’m so jealous. I’ve always wanted to drive across America. Have fun, sorry you’re not around for our little Tweetup this Thursday. We’ll make sure and Twitpic pictures of our half-yard beers just for you.

    Jamess last blog post..Roll Call

  3. Sarah Fuentes-Caffrey

    We’d love to see you guys if you have time in New Mexico. If you are booked and too tired by then no worries, just make sure you induldge in some tasty New Mexican food. It is unlike no other traditional mexican food (at least in my opinion)! If you’d like I could give you some suggestions of places to stop and grab a bite! Karen has my email if you want to hit me up for those suggestions! Take care and have fun!!!

  4. alex

    Sarah, we’d love to try and make it by if it works out – we’ll get in contact when we get closer.

    James, bummed to miss that – looking forward to the twitpics!

    Heather & Rich – thanks!

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